Department of Community Medicine organised a 2nd International Conference & 3rd TN-IAPSMCON- 2022 0n 03.11. 2022.Theme: Holistic Approach Towards Child and Adolescent Health Workshop On “Competency Based Medical Education”. Topic & Speakers: CBME Introduction to Newer Elements for UG and PG Curriculum    Dr. Pankaj B. Shah Professor and head, Dept of Community Medicine, SRMC & RI, SRIHER, Chennai. Skills of Counselling with special emphasis for nutrition for better health care (Online)                Dr. Zeeshan Ali, Physicians Committee, USA. Dr. Subodh S Gupta, Professor & Head, Department of Community Medicine, MGIMS, Wardha Lesson Plan Concepts and Practice (Physical) Dr. BWC Sathiyasekaran Dean Research, Balaji Medical College & Hospital Skill sets for implementation of Various Govt Programs (Physical)   Dr. Priya, Professor, Dept of Community Medicine, MMC, Chennai. Demonstration of PG Pedagogy Exam (Physical)        Dr. Pankaj B. Shah Professor and head, Dept of Community Medicine, SRMC & RI, SRIHER, Chennai. Self Directed learning and its implementation (online)  Dr. Animesh Jain, Professor, Community Medicine, Dy. Coordinator, Medical Education Unit, KMC, Mangalore (MAHE, Manipal) Dr. Hemangini Shah, Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, Member Secretary, Medical Education Cell, Goa Medical College, Goa. Elective and its implementation (Online) Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Professor, Community Medicine, Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad, Gujarat. Dr. Himashree Bhattacharyya, Associate Professor, Dept of Community and Family Medicine. AIIMS Guwahati. Skill training, and its implementation including certifying skills (Online) Dr.Manjunath Nagaraja, Associate Professor, Community Medicine, Mysore  Medical College & Research Institute, Mysore, Dr. Praveen Kulkarni, Associate Professor, Community Medicine, JSS Medical College, Mysuru, Karnataka, Internship- Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship Regulations 2021 (Online)  Dr.  Amir  Maroof  Khan, Professor,  Community  Medicine,  Coordinator,  Medical Education  Unit,  UCMS  and GTB Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Somdatta Patra, Professor, Community Medicine, University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Special Tips for PGs (Physical) Dr. Timsi, Professor, Dept of Community Medicine, Balaji Medical College, Chennai