Academic Events


Date Programme Department Topic Speakers
03.01.2018 Guestlecture Orthopaedics 1. Elective Orthopaedics: BIOLOGY VS MECHANICS IN ORTHOPAEDICS
Prof. Chockalingam, D.Ortho., FRCS., FRCS (TRAUMA & ORTHO) Dip.ATLS Ortho Consultant, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.
08.01.18 TO 12.01.18 National Conference Pathology PATH PARRC 1. Dr. Valarmathi
2. Dr. Nalli Sumithra
3. Dr. Bhavana Badhe
4. Dr.Siddaraju
5. Dr.Arunalatha
6. Dr.Jamila Rose
7. Dr.Arun Harke
8. Dr.Ramani
9. Dr.Jennifer
11. Dr.Chandramouleshwari
12. Dr.Priavadhana
10.01.2018 International Conference Medical Education Unit & General Medicine Global Health International Speakers:
1. Professor.Parveen Kumar, CBE, BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCP (Edin) professor of clinical medical education, Barts and The London Hospital NAS Trust, Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London
2. Professor.Michael L.Clark, MD, FRCP, Honorary Senior Lectrer, Barts.
16.10.18 CME Anatomy Today's Students Tomorrow's Doctors Dr.Dakshs Dixit
23.01.2018 CME Respiratory Medicine New guidelines of RNTCP Dr. Suryanarayana Prof & HOD Dept of Respiratory Medicine SBMCH
24.01.18 CME Biochemistry Current Trends of Inborn Errors of Metabolism 1.Dr. Geetha Lakshmi Kuberan, D.G.O, DNB Senior Assistant Professor, dept.of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ISO Govt.Kasturba Gandhi Hospital, Triplicane
2. Dr.S.Subramanian, MD, Senior consultant, dept.of Paediatrics, Nishta Integrated Neuro Developmental Centre of Excellence (NICE)
3. Dr.K.Pramila, MD, Professor & HOD, Dept.of Biochemistry, Institute of Child Health, Egmore
25.01.18 CME Pharmacology 1. Treatment of Hypertension - A recent update
2. Drugs used in International Cardiology
1. Dr.P. Balaji MD, DM,DNB, Senior Consultant and International cardiologist, Madras Medical Mission Hospital
2. Dr.U.Kalaichelvan, MD., DM., DNB, Senior Consultant and International Cardiologist, MMM,Chennai
25.01.2018 AOCR-International Conference RADIOLOGY 1.Panda sign of mid brain in wilson disease
2.Role of CT in acute traumatic brain injury
28.01.2018 AOCR-International conference RADIOLOGY Comparison study of USG with CT in identifying ureteric calculi in acute ureteric colic Dr. Buvaneshewari. S
03.02.2018 CME Paediatrics Recent Advances in Vaccination Dr. Karathik Narayanan MD DM Ipaediatric Intensive Care) Consultant Pulmonologist & Paediataric Critical Care Prasanth Hospital, Velacherry, Chennai
15.02.18 Symposium General Surgery Moderator Dr.Ravishankar, Prof.& HOD of General Surgery
28.02.18 Panel Discussion General Surgery Oral Malignancy Moderator Dr.Ravishankar, Prof.& HOD of General Surgery
13.03.18 WEBCAST Programme DVL ANTI FUNGALS Moderator : Dr.JAYAKAR THOMAS, Prof.& HOD DVL
16.03.18 & 17.03.18 National Conference OBG PaPGCON 2018 Pearls and Perils in Gynaecology 1.Dr.V.Radha, DGO,DNB,Phd.,Asso.Prof.of SRMC
2. Dr.Renuka Ramaih, MD,DGO, ESI Medical College, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore
4. Dr.Priya Kannan, FNB-Reproductive Medicien, Master of Clinical Embryology
5. Dr.V.Kalaivani, MD, DGO (RSRM)
6. Dr.B.Venkateswara Rao, MD DGO, Prof.& HOD Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh
7. Dr.Kavitha Sukumar, MD,Mch, Surgical Onclogy,
8. Dr.Vanitha, MD, DGO HOD Chengalpattu Medical College, Chennai
19.03.18 Guestlecture Pathology Approach to Renal Diseases Dr.S. Sujit, Asst.Prof of Nephrology, Govt.Stanley Medical College, Chennai
21.03.18 cme Pulmonary Medicine RNTCP NEW PRINCIPLES Dr.G.Raja Amarnath, Prof.&HOD of Pulmonary Medicine
24.03.18 World Tuberculosis Day Community Medicine 1. Tuberculosis Screening program, Public awarness and Health Education 2. Screening and Health-Checkup Camps Dr. S.Gopalakrishnan, Professor & HOD of Community Medicine
24.03.18 CME Anaesthesiology Regional Nerve Blocks Dr.S.Saravana Kumar, MD., Asst.Prof of Anaesthesiology, Govt.Stanley Medical College & Hospital
27.03.18 Guestlecture Biochemistry Calcium Homeostasis Dr.Anandhi, MD Prof.& HOD Department of Biochemistry, Saveetha Medical College, Chennai
27.03.18 World Tuberculosis Day Community Medicine 1. Paediatric Tuberculosis Dr. S.Sundari, MD Paediatrics
Dr.G.Raja Amarnath, MD, Respiratory Medicine
27.03.18 CME DVL ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS Moderator: Dr.Jayakar Thomas, HOD of DVL Speaker : Dr.DIVYA G, JR OF DVL
28.03.18 Celebration OBG Woman's Day Celebration ALL THE WOMAN FACULTY, STAFF & STUDENTS OF SBMCH
28.03.18 WORKSHOP ORTHOPAEDICS Basic Principles in Total Knee Replacement - Bone Saw Model Workshop DR.Arun Kumar, MBBS., D.Ortho, FRCS (Trauma and Orthopaedics) M.CH., Orthopaedics, MRCS., Consultant and Orthopaedics Surgeon Apollo Hospitals and Medway Medical Centre, Chennai.
06.04.18 World Skin Health Day DVL TOPICAL STEROIDS IN CHILDREN Moderator : Dr.JAYAKAR THOMAS, Prof.& HOD DVL
06.04.18 Seminar Paediatrics DOWN S SYNDROME Moderator : Dr.S. Sundari, Prof.& HOD of Paediatrics
Dr.Lavanya, Senior Resident, SBMCH
Dr.Nikath Nasreen, Asst.Prof.SBMCH
Dr.Kaavya, Senior Resident, SBMCH
11.04.18 CME Physiology Cerebro Vascular Accident & Stroke " Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke" Dr.Arunan S, MD (General Medicine) DM (Neurology) FMMC, Prof.& HOD Dept.of Neurology Govt.Stanly Medical College & Hospital
10.04.18 CME DVL TINEA CAPITIS Dr.Shreya Srinivasan
17.04.18 CME Ophtholmology Fundus In Ophthalmology Prof.P.M Maheswari, Director & Superintendent Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Govt.Ophthalmic Hospital, Egmore.
27.04.18 CME Paediatric IMMUNISATION IN ADOLESCENT Dr. Duraiarasan, (MD Paediatrics), Prof. of Paediatrics Omanthur Hospital.
25.04.18 WORKSHOP Orthopaedics Workshop on Plate Fixation of Long Bone Fractures Dr.Velsamy Raveendran, MB,FRCS, FRACS, Ph.D, Chief Orthopaedics Surgeon, Coimbatore Bone and joint Foundation Pvt., Ltd.,
26.04.18 Symposium Community Medicine World Immunization Week Moderator: Dr.Gopalakrishnan, Professor & HOD of Community Medicine
27.04.18 Guestlecture Orthopaedics ALL ABOUT CTEV Dr.Vijay Sriram, M.S Ortho, Paediatric Orthopeadic Surgeon, Presently Consultant at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital.
03.05.18 Anatomy Faculty Development Programme Dr.Lalit Singh, MS, General Surgery Director Clinical Solutions, Acting Managing Director, Elsevier Health Solutions,
04.05.18 Awarness Programme Research Centre of Cellular Genomics & Medical Education Unit Diagnostic Awareness Programme All the Faculty and Post Graduate Students and CRRI
07.05.18 Guestlecture Pathology Papsmear Cytology Dr.Indira Rajavelu, MD, Prof.of Pathology, K.G.H Hospital,chennai
09.05.18 CME Respiratory Medicine IGRA & TST Useful anymore? Moderator:Dr.Raja Amarnath, Prof.&HOD of DVL, SBMCH
15.05.18 International Nurses Day Nurses International Nurses Day All Nurses and Staff
21.05.18 WORKSHOP Physiology Vascular Doppler Recorder (Versalab) and Biothesiometer
29.05.18 CME Pathology Salivary Gland Neoplasms Dr.Hamsini
Dr.Moumita Dam
Dr.Bijoya Debnath
Dr.Jasima Nilofer
29.05.18 CME DVL SECUKINUMAB Moderator:Dr.Jayakar Thomas, Prof.&HOD of DVL, SBMCH
04.06.18 CME Pulmonary Medicine Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Moderator:Dr.G. Raja Amarnath, Prof.&HOD of DVL, SBMCH
08.06.18 & 09.06.18 International Conference Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) & Pathology World Blood Donation Day 1. Dr. K. Mohan Kumar, PhD, Paediatric Faculty, Division of Neonatology John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.
2. Prof. Sangu-Goo-Choo IDASI Konkuk University, South Korea.
3. Prof. DrorAizenbud Department of Oral and Dental Medicine, Haifa, Israel.
Prof. of Transfusion Medicine, CMC, Vellore.
5. DR. FEBE RENJITHA SUMAN Prof. of Haematopathology,
Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
13.06.18 Guestlecture Orthopaedics Pain Management in Low Back Pain Dr. Prem Kumar, MD., DA., DNB(Anaesthesia)., FIPM, Assistant Prof.of Anaesthesiology, Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, Thandalam Chennai
13.06.18 WORKSHOP Orthopaedics Post Operative Analgesia for Total Knee Replacement - Current Evidence Dr. Prem Kumar, MD., DA., DNB(Anaesthesia)., FIPM, Assistant Prof.of Anaesthesiology, Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, Thandalam Chennai
16.06.18 National Conference Psychiatry Psychiatry in Special Population 1.DT. AJIT BHIDE PRESIDENT, Indian Psychiatric Society (NATI0NAL BODy)
3.DT. SONIA PARIAL Senior Consultant psychiatrist, RAIPUR
4.Dr. K.S. SHAJI Prof & HOD, Department of psychiatry, T.M.C.H, THIRISSUR
5.DT. RITGURAM. R Prof & HOD, Department of psychiatry, KIMS, BENGALURU
6.Dr. ANJALI CHHABRIA Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, MUMBAI
19.06.18 National Conference Pathology HAEMATOPATHOLOGY (HAEMPATH) Dr. Sitalakshmi Subramanian, Prof & HOD, Dept.of Clinical Pathology, St.John's Medical College, Bengaluru 1. Dr. Rakhee Kar, Associate Professor, JIPER, Puduchery 3. Dr.Sukesh C. Nair, Prof.& HOD, Division of Laboratory, Haematology, Christian Medical College, Vellore. 4. Dr. Rema Menon, Head, Blood Transfusion Services, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai 5. Dr.S.Sri Gayathri, Haematopathology Division, SRM, Chennai
20.06.18 CME Microbiology "An Overview of Tuberculosis" Dr.K.V. Leela, MD, Professor & HOD, Department of Microbiology, Govt.Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai
20.06.18 Guestlecture Ophtholmology EYE BANKING Dr.Chandra Kumar, Project Director,TN State Blindness control society
22.06.18 Guestlecture Radio-Diagnosis CT Perfusion in Acute Stroke Dr.Francic, MBBS., DMRD,DNB(RD) MNAMS MIOT Hospital, Chennai.
22.06.18 & 23.06.18 International Conference ANATOMY Subsuming Research in Medical Education Chief Guest :
Dr. S. Kantha, MS., Phd., First Vice Chancellor of RGUHS
1.Prof.Mohammed Galal El-Din Ahmed, Ph.D (Anatomy) DEAN, Dubai Medical College, Dubai.
2.Dr. Rasha All Abdelrazek Eldeeb, Asso.Professor of Physiology Dubai Medical College, Dubai.
3.Dr.T. Chenthuran, Senior Lecturer & HOD of Anatomy University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka
4.Dr.Shifan Khanday, MD Anatomy, MBA(Health care), (Ph.D (Anatomy) Asso.Member in Royal College of General Practitioner, London Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Dubai Medical College, DUBAI
Dr.Priscilla Johnson, Professor of Physiology, Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Hospital
Dr.Suzanne Maria Dcruz, Associate Professor of Physiology, Sri Muthukumaran MC & H
Dr.Muthu Prathiba, Asso. Professor of Physiology, Saveetha Medical College, Chennai.
23.06.18 International Guest Lecture Physiology Hypertension: A Silent Killer & A Global Health Problem Dr.Rasha Ali Abdelrazek Eldeed, Asso.Prof.of Physiology, Dubai Medical College, United Arab Eminrates.
27.06.18 Guestlecture Orthopaedics Biologics for Rheumatoid Dr.Vijayakrishnan, MBBS., D.Ortho, DNB Mch, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai.
29.06.18 Guestlecture General Surgery Human Organs - Waste it or Recycle it ? Dr.Gomathy, MS., ASTS Fellowship, Liver and Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Global Hospital, Perumbakkam
29.06.18 Seminar Paediatrics Hepatitis Moderator:Prof. S. Sundari, Prof.&HOD of Paediatrics, Faculty & PG
05.07.18 International Conference Microbiology VIROLOGY "VIROCON 2018" 1.Dr.Neus Bassa.,M.D(Clinical Pathologist), Consultant Laboratory
2.Dr Sulaiman Al Habib MG- Takhassusi, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, (KSA)
3.Dr. Jude Jayamaha, M.B.B.S., P.G Dip Med. Micro., M.D (Medical Virologist Head, National Influenza centre,Consultant Medical Virologist, Medical Research Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka
4.Dr. Martha Jacob, MBBS.,DGO.,MRCOG.,MHKCOG., FHKAM.,MPH., FRCOG International Consultant Obstetrician and gynecologist, UNFBA
5.Dr. ISHWAR GILADA, MBBS.,D.D.V., FCPS., Diploma American Board of Sexology, President: AIDS Society of India, CMD Unison Medicare & Research Centre, Mumbai 6.Dr. K.Kaveri, Deputy Director Vironology, King Institute, Chennai
12.07.18 CME General Surgery ABC of benign Breast Disease - What to do? & What not? Dr. P. Raghuram, MS., FRCS (ENG) FRCS (EDIN)., FRCS (Glassgow), FRCS (IREL), FACS (USA) Director KIMS – Ushalakshmi centre for Breast, Hyderabad.
13.07.18 National Conference Biochemistry NUTRISAFE -18 Chief Guest : Mr.W.Bharat Singh, Joint Director, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi, Speakers: 1. Dr. G. Sivaraman, BHMS, Phd., Managing Director, Chief Siddha Physician of Arogya Health Care, Chennai.
2. Dr.Ramdev, Phd., Regional Coordinator, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Asia Pacific.
3. Dr.C.Shanmuga Priya, MD., Associate Professor, Dept.of Biochemistry, Governement Medical College, Omandurar Estate, Chennai.
4. Dr.Malligai.Prof. & HOD, Chettinad Medical College Kelambakkam 5. Dr,Sree Devi, MD, Nutrition & Life style consultant, Prashant Hospital, Chennai
6. Mrs.Ramya Ramachandran, M.Sc., Clinical Nutrition & Diabetics Consultant, Clinical Dietician, Apollo Spectra, Chennai.
18.07.2018 Workshop Orthopaedics Plaster Application Techniques and Synthetic Casting of Fracture J.VENKATARAMAN, Rupashree Health care pvt Ltd.
21.07.18 National Conference ENT ENT UPDATE 2018 1. Amit Keshri, Sanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Science, Lucknow,
2. Dr.Amitabha Roy Choudury, Vivekananda Institute of Medical Science, Kolkatta
3. Dr.Anagha Joshi, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal, General Hospital, Mumbai
4. Dr.Sarika Verma, Senior Consulant & Allergy Specialist, New Delhi,
5. Sunil J. Kerala ENT Research Foundation, Kollam,
6. Dr.VIDHYA ASAGAR, SAGAR-ENT, Head & Neck Super Speciality Centre, Vijayawada
7. Dr.Ramandeep S Virk, PGIMER, Chandhigarh
8. Dr.Krishna Kumar, Apollo Hospital, Chennai.
25.07.2018 & 26.07.18 International national Conference Orthopaedics Complications in Total Hip Replacement 1. Dr. Vijay Vardhan Killampalli, MSc Trauma., DNB(Ortho)., D.Ortho., Dip IMC RCS (Ed)., FAOI (Swiss)., Senior Orthopaedic Consultant, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon Cambs, United kingdom.
2. Dr. S. CHOCKALINGAM, D.Ortho, FRCS., FRCS (Trauma &Ortho) Dip ATLS Consultant at Kauvery Hospitals, Trichy.
3.Dr.Alarik Arenandar, Ph.d., Neuroscience, Maharishi University
4. Prof.Takayuki Hotta, Chief Physiotherpist, Yukioka Hospital, Japan
01.08.18 to 07.08.18 World Breast Feeding Week "World Breast feeding week celebrations" OBG & Neonatology 1. Inauguration Day 2. Interacting with the families of Newborn
3.Lactation Management workshop for Nurses
4.Lactation Management workshop for OG and Paediatrics faculties and PG’s and UG’s
5.In House Programme
6.Outreach Programme and Quiz
7. Valedictory Day
1. Dr. Srinivasan M.D., State Co-ordinator (NICU) National Health Mission Medical Registrar Madras Medical College
2. Mrs. Varsha Satyan Infant &Young Child Feeding Counseling Specialist
08.08.18 IAP Post Graduate Quiz Paediatrics All PG Students Moderator : Dr.S. Sundari, Prof.& HOD of Paediatrics
07.08.18 ICHTHYOSIS DVL Moderator : Dr.Jayakar Thomas, HOD -DVL Dr.Vipul Paul Thomas, JR, DVL
06.08.18 CAMP Orthopaedics Dexa Bone Density Screening camp OPD Registration Counter
17.08.18 CME Radio Diagnosis Musculo-Skeletal Radiology Dr.Meera Raghvan MD., Associate Professor of Radiology Hofstra – Northwell School of Medicine New Hyde Park, New York
17.08.18 & 18.08.18 International Conference General Medicine & Medical Gastroenterology Cystic Lesions of Pancreas 1.Dr. Shiva kumar Vignesh, MD., Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist Asso. Prof. of Gastroenterology, State University of New York, Downstate Medical Centre Brookyln, New York
2.Dr.Daniel Swanson, Phd., Neuroscience, Maharishi University, USA
3.Dr. E. Babu, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Sree Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute Chennai.
4. Dr.T. Arun, MD., DM., Consultant Interventional Gastroenterologist MIOT, International, Chennai.
18.08.2018 CME Pulmonary Medicine Role of Doppler in Pulmonary Embolism Moderator : Dr. G. Raja Amarnath Professor & HOD, Pulmonary Medicine
28.08.18 & 29.08.18 International Conference General Surgery SURGICON 2018” – Update on Breast Disease” International Speakers: 1. Dr.Prem Kumar, MS., FRCS Professor of Surgery, AIMST University, Malaysia.
2.Dr. E. Dinakara Babu, MBBS., MS, MRCS,LRCP, Consultant and Director of Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Senior Lecturer Imperial College (London) Honorary Professor (Brunel University) National Speakers: 1.Dr. Balaji, MD, Radiation - Oncologist, Consultant, Global Health City, Chennai
2.Dr.Ramya Rangarajan, MD,Asst.Professor of Radiation Oncology, Govt.Royapettah Hospital, Chennai
3.Dr.Kalai Selvi, MD, DM (Medical Oncology) Professor and HOD, Dept.of Medical Oncology,
Madras Medical College & Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai -3. 4.Dr.S.Sivakumari, Mch (Surgical Oncology) Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology Madurai Medical College, Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai
5.Dr.Selvi Radhakrishna, MS., FRCS Managing Director and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Chennai Breast Centre, MRC Nagar, Adyar -28
21.08.18 CME DVL ACNE” Dr. D.Dinesh Kumar, Secretary, IADVL, Chennai, CHAPTER
29.08.18 CME Biochemistry Medical Education Unit "POCT" - Point of Care Testing Dr.V.S Kalai Selvi, MD, Professor of Biochemistry SBMCH, Chennai
29.08.18 01.09.18 International Conference Radio Diagnosis Genito‐urinary imaging 1. Dr. M. Saravanan, FRCR Consultant Neuroradiologist-Clinical lead, Stockport, UK American Institute of Radiologic Pathology International Course Organiser. American College of Radiology, USA.
2. Dr. Brent J Wagner Chief - Genitourinary, Section of Diagnostic Radiology Board Chairman, USA. 3. Dr. Maryna Brochwicz-Lewinski Clinical Director, Radiology, Stockport Foundation NHS Trust. Greater Manchester.
4. Dr. Melanie L A Schofield MBChB FRCR Dr. Schofield is a Consultant Radiologist at The University Hospital of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, Lancaster UK.
03.09.18 Seminar Paediatrics Nutrition Week Celebration "National Anemia in Children" All Post Graduate Students
04.09.18 National Quiz Paediatrics Nutrition Week Celebration "National Quiz Programme" For All PG Students
05.09.18 CME Paediatrics Nutrition Week Celebration "Severe Acute Malnutrition" Dr.S.P Karamath MD (Paed) Senior Assistant Professor Institute of Child Health, Egmore.
05.09.18 Guestlecture Orthopaedics "Endoscopic Discectomy - Indications, Patient selection, Procedure, Contraindications" Dr.S. Karunakaran, MS Ortho, DNB, Spine Surgeon, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai
05.09.18 & 06.09.18 International Conference Respiratory Medicine COPD & LUNGS 2018 1. Dr.Brent J. Wangner, MD., (Genitouinary) Chief, Section of Diagnostic Radiology Board Chairman, Reading Health System President, West Reading Radiology Associates USA
2.Dr. Devi Meenal, Ph.d., Professor & HOD, Dept.of Radio Diagnosis, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai 3. Dr.Maryna Brochwicz-Lewinski, Clinical Director, Radiology, Stockport Foundation NHS Trust, Greater Manchester,
4. Dr.Surya Narayana, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Andra Pradesh
06.09.18 CME & Awareness Creation Programme Community Medicine "GO FURTHER WITH FOOD" Dr.A.J Hemamalini, Ph.d, RD, Professor & HOD Department of Clinical Nutrition, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research,
Dr.Arun Kumar (PG)
Dr.Angeline Grace, (PG)
14.09.18 & 15.09.18 International Conference DVL "Emergency Dermatology 2018" Prof. Robert A. Schwartz, Professor & Head, Dermatology; Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Pathology Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Prof. Shernaz Walton Professor of Dermatology and Consultant Dermatologist, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals & Hull York Medical School, U.K.
Prof. Sandipan Dhar Professor of Dermatology, Institute of Child Health, Kolkatta, India
18.09.18 & 19.09.18 National Conference OBG VIGNETTES OF OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY Dr.I. Indira, MD, Associate Professor of OBG, SVMC, Tirupathi
Dr.Kodey Prabha Devi, MD, DGO, HOD & Prof of OBG, NRI College and GENL,Hospital, Chinakakani, Guntur, AP
Dr.Rathnakumar, MD, DGO, Expert Advisor Maternal Health, State Health Society, Chennai.
Dr.Nandita A. Thakkar, B.Sc., MBBS, MD,DNB, DARME & E (Germany
26.09.18 National Conference Microbiology "DERMATOPHYTOSIS" 1.Dr.Karthika Jayakumar, MD, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute, Kancheepuram
2.Dr.Ashok Kumar Prahraj, MD, Ph.d, Prof.& HOD of Microbiology, AIMS, Bhuvaneswar, Mumbai
3. Dr.Anupma Jyoti Kindo, MD, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, and Research Institute, Porur, Chennai
4. Dr.Arul Amudha, MD, Professor & HOD of Pharmacology, SBMCH, Chennai
5. Dr.Manoharan, MD, Professor of Dermatology, SBMCH
28.09.18 CME Paediatrics "Publish to Flourish - When, Where & HOW" Thiru.R.S. Jayasomu, Chief Scientist & Editor, IJEB, Head, Research Journals (Life Science) Natural Resources & Outreach, Nodal Officer, JIGYASA, CSIR-NISCAIR, New Delhi
29.09.18 National Conference Physiology "OBECON - 2018" 1. Dr.Nihal Thomas MD, MNAMS, DNB(ENDO),FRCP (LONDON)FRACP(ENDO),FRCP(EDIN)FRCP(GLAS), Phd (COPENHAGEN), Professor & Head - Dept.0f Endocrinology, Diabetesand Metabolism, Associate Director, CMC, Vellore
2. Dr.Piyush Ranjan MD., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.,
3. Dr.G. Bhanuprakash Reddy, M.Sc., PhD, FNASc., FTASc, Scientist -F & Head, Biochemistry Division, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad
4. Dr.Kousalya Nathan BNYS, Ph.D, Nutrition Researcher and Lifestyle Management Consultant, Apollo Spectra Hospitals
02.10.18 CME DVL Newer Antifungal - Fenti Conazole Moderator : Dr.Jayakar Thomas, HOD -DVL
03.10.18 Graduation Day COLLEGE PG Students 2014-15 and 2011-12 Batch UG students Dr.(Major) D.Raja, M.S Ortho., D.Ortho., Formerly Vice Chancellor, The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
04.10.18 National Conference General Medicine NATCOMED 2018 "Hypertention 2018" Dr.Murugananthan, MD,FACP,FRCP, Governor, ACP India Chapter Formerly President National API, Former Dean ICP,
Dr.M.Chenniappan, MD,DM (Cardio), FRCP (Glassgow), Senior Consultant Cardiologist)
Mr.R.Rajasekar, MD., FACP., FRCP, Treasurer, ACP, India Chapter, Governing Body Member, National API, Senior Consultant Physician.
Dr.Swathy, MD, Senior Resident of JIPMER, Pondichery
05.10.18 Seminar General Surgery Advances in Laser Therapy Moderator : Dr.K.S Ravishankar, Professor & HOD of General Surgery
09.10.18 Journal Club General Surgery
11.10.18 & 12.10.18 National Conference Pharmacology "Pharmaltex 2018" Scientific Alternatives to Animal experiments Dr.B. Madhavulu, Proessor of Pharmacology Narayana Medical College, Nellore, Andra Pradesh
Dr.C.Suthakaran, MAPIMS, Melmaruvathur
Dr.Savithiri Shivakumar, Aaranya Biosciences Pvt.Ltd.,
Dr.G.K.Kumaramanickavel, SBMCH,Chennai
16.10.18 CME Radio Diagnosis Anterior Medistinal masses Dr.Prasanna, R. MDRD, Senior Resident SBMCH
16.10.18 CME DVL "ROSACEA” Dr.Keerthana.P, Jr.Resident of DVL department.
20.10.18 Guestlecture Anaesthesiology Management of Shock Dr.N.S Krishnamurthy, Madurai Velammal Medical College, Madurai.
22.10.18 Symposium Pulmmonary Medicine Art of Weaning Mechanical Ventilation in ICU Dr.Sabarinath, Senior Resident of SBMCH
22.10.18 CME DVL "NEWER ANTIFUNGAL" FENTI CONAZOLE Moderator : Dr.Jayakar Thomas & HOD of DVL
23.10.18 Symposium General Surgery Moderator : Dr.K.S Ravishankar, Professor & HOD of General Surgery
25.10.18 Clinico Pathological Meeting DVL 1. Pompholyx
2. Pyogenic Granuloma
3. Neurofibroma
ALL Faculty
25.10.18 CME Anatomy Learning Anatomy with a Clinical Perspective Dr.Gunapriya Raghunath, MS, DNB, Professor & HOD, Department of Anatomy, Saveetha Medical College, Chennai
29.10.18 Clinical Society Meeting General Medicine Clinical Society Meeting participated by all the faculty of clinical departments
29.10.18 Guestlecture DVL Psoriatic Arthritis Dr.Rajasekar B, Consultant Rheumatologist, Apollo Hospital, Chennai
02.11.18 CME General Medicine Giddiness of Metatasis Moderator : Dr.E.Dhandapani, Professor & HOD, Dept.of General Medicine, SBMCH
09.11.18 & 10.11.18 National Conference & Worshop Orthopaedics "TRAUMA COURSE" (REACT Course) 1. Dr.S.Chockalingam, D.Ortho, FRCS, FRCS(Trauma & Ortho) Dip ATLS, Consultant at Kauvery Hospitals, Trichy,
2. Dr.S. Ramesh Babu, D.Ortho, MS Ortho, Ortho, SPOT Hospital, Kodambakkam, Chennai.
3. Dr.Thiru Narayanan, D.Ortho, M.S Ortho, Asst.Professor, Govt.Royapeta Hospital, Chennai
4. Dr. Vijay Narasimman Reddy V. MB., MS., DNB (Ortho), Prof.& HOD, Dept.of Ortho,SBMCH, Chennai
5. Dr.Singaravadivelu, D.Ortho, MS Ortho., Govt.Medical College, Chennai -5.
6. Dr.P.V Jaisankar, D.Ortho., MS Ortho, Ortho, Sundaram Medical Foundation, Anna Nagar, Chennai
7. Dr.Nandha Kumar, D.Ortho., MS Ortho, Mahathma Gandhi Medical College, Pondichery
14.11.18 CME Biochemistry "World Diabetic Day" "Newer Drugs for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Melitus" Dr.S.D Inbaraj, MD, Prof.of Pharmacology, SBCMH, Chennai
14.11.18 to 16.11.18 Anti Biotic Awareness Week Community Medicine "Change Can't wait, Our Time With Antibiotics is Running out" Dr. J. Anaiappan, MD, DCH Asso.Professor, Dept.of Community Medicien, Govt.Stanley Medical College, Chennai
15.11.18 CME Microbiology & Medical Education Unit H1N1 & DENGU Dr.Suresh Kumar, MD., Fellowship in Infectious Disease Consultant Infectious Specialist Apollo Hospital, Chennai Dr.R.Praveena, MD., Professor of Microbiology SBMCH, Chennai
17.11.18 World Pneumonia Day Paediatrics World Pneumonia Day Moderator : Dr.R.Somasekar, Professor, Dept.of Paediatrics, SBMCH
19.11.18 Departmental CME Respiratory Medicine GOLD 2019 Updates Moderator : Dr.Ghanshyam Varma, Asso.Professor, Dept.of Respiratory Medicine, SBMCH
20.11.18 Departmental CME DVL Genital Ulcers Moderator : Dr.Jayakar Thomas, HOD- DVL Dr.S.Paavai, JR, Dept.of DVL
22.11.18 CME General Surgery "ANDEXAL MASS - ONCOLOGIST PERSPECTIVE" Dr. Senthil Kumar Ravichandar, Surgical Oncologist, MIOT International, Chennai.
23.11.18 Departmental CME Radio Diagnosis Pulmonary Imaging - Multimodality Moderator : Dr.Kanakaraj K., Professor,Dept.of Radio Diagnosis, SBMCH
23.11.18 Clinico Pathological Meeting Pathology & DVL 1. Secondary Adenocarcinomatous Deposists in the Lymph Node - Mucinous type (GS)
2. Hydatid Cyst (GS)
3. Pleomorphic Adenoma (ENT)
PG Students
23.11.18 24.11.18 National Conference Workshop Paediatrics in Association with Indian Academy of Paediatrics - CCB " Newer Horizons in Paediatrics " 1. Prof.S. Vijayaraghavan, Director - Scientific Affairs, Tenshi Lifecare, Bangalore
2. Dr.S. Srinivasan, Medical Registrar, ICH&HC State NICU Co-ordinator, NRHM
3. Dr.D.Gunasingh, Vice - President (South Zone) Central IAP
4. Dr.J. Kumutha, Prof.of Neonatology, Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, Expert Advisor, National Health Mission.
5. Dr.S. Giridhar, Asso.Professor Neonatal Unit, Dept.of Paediatrics, Chettinad Hospital & Research Centre, Chennai
6. Prof.Singaravelu, Prof.of Paediatrics, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College & Hospital, Puducherry.
7. Dr.Duraiarasan, Prof of Paediatrics, Govt.Medical College, Omandurar, Govt.Estate, Chennai
8. Dr.Kasi Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, K.K.Surgical & Paediatric Centre, Chennai
Dr.Rema Chandramohan Prof.of Paediatrics Institute of Child Health, Chennai, President IAP-CCP
24.11.18 CME Anatomy Teratogens - AN Overview and Congenital Malformation Dr. Solomon FD Paul,md Dept.of Human Genetics, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, Technology & Research, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
27.11.18 CME OBG "Management of viral haemorrhagic fevers in Pregnancy" Exploring the viral fever - Epidemics in pregnancy Dr.S.RATHNAKUMAR MD DGO Expert Adviser, Maternal health, State Health Society, Chennai.
28.11.18 CME Physiology & Medical Education Unit "Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension" 1. Dr.Akhila Rajakumar, MD,FRCA, Senior Consultant, & Clinical Lead, Head of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care, Rela Institute of Medical Sciences
2. Dr.Prem Chandar Velusamy, Consultant, MD, Post Doctoral Fellowship in HPB & Liver Anaesthesia Dept.of Liver Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Rela Institute of Medical Sciences
3.Dr.Deepak Sivalingam, Asso.Consultant, Post Doctoral Fellowship in HPB & Liver Anaesthesia Dept.of Liver Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Rela Institute of Medical Sciences
29.11.18 CPC Meeting DVL 1. Blastomycosis like Pyoderma
2. Darier Disease
3. Lichen Planus Pemphigoides
29.11.18 Symposium Paediatrics Prematurity …Neonatologist Perspective Dr. Mani Kumar, MBBS., DCH., DNB., DM., (Neonatology), Assistant Professor -Neonatology Chengalpattu Medical College Consultant Neonatologist Rehla Institute of Medical Science Chennai
30.11.18 National Conference Forensic Medicine & Toxicology In Association with Tamil Nadu Medicolegal Society National Conference on "Gender Abuse" - FORECON - 2018 Speakers. 1)Dr. Indrajit Khander, MD, LLB, Prof.& HOD, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, Maharastra
2. Dr. N. Shalini, MBBS, DPM, PhD, FIPS, USA, Consultant, Psychiatrist, Chennai
3) Mrs. B.S. Ajeetha, BAML, Advocate, Madras High Court, Chennai
4) Dr. (Wgdcr) A. Nagasubramaniam, MBBS, DA, DHHM, General Manager, Clinical Services, HCG Hospital, KR Unit, Sampangi, Bangalore
5) Priya Babu, Transgender Activist, Madurai
6) Ms. Malini, CIne Director, LGBT Activist, Right and Awareness, Chennai
05.12.18 Integrated Lecture Medical Education Unit Vertical and Horizontal Integrated Lecture on "PANCREAS" 1.Dr.W.M.S Johnson, Prof.& HOD of Anatomy
2.Dr. S. Parijatham, Asst.Prof.of Physiology
3.Dr.B.Shanthi, Prof.& HOD of Biochemistry
4. Dr.T.Gayathri Devi, Asst.Prof.of Pathology
5. Dr.R. Rajesh, Asst.Prof.of Pathology
6. Dr.G. Swaminathan, Asst.Prof.of General Surgery
05.12.18 CME Pathology & Medical Education Unit "Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - An Approach" Dr.S. Sri Gayathri, MD., Consultant Haematopathology Division, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai
11.12.18 CME DVL SJS/TEN Dr. Sruthy.S.R.
12.12.18 CME Ophthalmology "Recent Advance in Cataract” Dr. Nirmal Fredrick, Nirmal’s Eye Hospital West Tambaram, Chennai
13.12.18 CME Anatomy "Environmental Risk Factors for Renal Health - An Overview" Dr.Vidhya Venugopal, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Environment Health Engineering, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Porur, Chennai.
14.12.18 WORKSHOP Physiology with Association of Physiologists of Tamil Nadu Basic ECG and Cornonary Artery Disease Dr. M. Cheniappan, MD., DM (Cardiology)FACC, FRCP, FCSI, FIAE, FISE, Ramakrishna Nursing Home, Trichy Adjunct Professor , The TN.Dr.M.GR Medical University
15.12.18 CME Anaesthesiology "Update on ECMO" Prof.K.G. Suresh Rao, MD., MBA., Consultant Cardio Thoracic Anaesthetist, Cardiac Critical Care, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai
17.12.18 TO 22.12.18 Annual Rapid Review Course PATH PARRC 2018 Pathology Post Guraduate Annual Rapid Review Course Dr. Rama.K,
Dr. P. Sinhasan,
Dr. Sara,
Dr. Mary Lilly Dr. Yogambal & Dr, Abushuya,
Dr. Sara,
Dr. G.S. Thiriveni Balaji,
Dr. Rajavelu Indira,
Dr. Gayathri Devi,
Dr. Jamila Rose
Dr. N. Jeyalakshmi Devi,
Dr. K. Chandramouleeswari,
Dr. Amutha Janaki,
Dr. Arun Harke,
Dr. Prasanna N.Kumar,
Dr. Vijay Sathish Kumar,
Dr. Arunalatha
18.12.18 CME General Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery of Chronic Pancreatitis Minimally Invasive Surgery of Pancreas 1. Dr.Srivatsan Gurumurthy, MS, DNB(GI Surgery) FMAS, FMIAS, Consultant GEM Hospital & Research Centre, Chennai
2. Dr.Senthilnathan, MS,DNB,MRCS(Ed) DNB (GI Surgery) FACS,FMAS, FAIS Head, Consultant, GEM Hospital & Research Centre, Chennai
19.12.18 National Conference General Medicine NATENDOCON - 2018 on "Thyroid & Parathyroid Disorders" 1.Professor. K. Ravi MBBS, MD., Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Medical Superintendent, Lady Curzon and Bowring Hospitals, Bangalore
2.Dr.Sruti Chandrasekaran, MBBS., MD, Fellowship in Endocrinology, Endocrinolosist and Diabetologist, Rela Institute and Medical Center.
3.Dr.E.Prabhu, MD, DRM,FRCP (Glasgow)FICP, FIMSA,FIMASM,Head of Nuclear Medicine, TN Govt.Multi Super Speciality Hospital, Omandurar, Chennai
4. Dr.Ravikiran, MBBS,MD,DM (Endocrinology) Consultant Endocrinologist, SRM SIMS Hospital, Chennai
5. Dr.Balamurugan, MBBS., MD, Assistant Professor Dept.of Emergency Medicine, JIPMER,
20.12.18 WORKSHOP Research & Deve lopment wing WORKSHOP Sports Medicine : Setting of Human Performance & Recovery Laboratory 1. Dr. A M Moorthy Advisor Minstry of Sports and Youth Affair Central Universities, Former Viced - Chancellor Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University
2. Thiru J M Fernandez, General Secretary, Olympic Association, Tamil Nadu
3. Mr. A K Chithraipandian General Secretary, State Volley Ball Association
4. Dr. R Karthikeyan Assistant Professor Department of Physical Medicine Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital
22.12.18 CME Paediatric Prematurity - Neonatologist Perspective Dr. S. Mani Kumar DCH, DNB, DM ( Neonatology ) Assistant Professor, Department of Neonatology Government Chengalpattu Medical College Consultant Paediatric Neonatologist Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai
26.12.18 CME Orthopaedics ALL ABOUT PERTHES DISEASE Dr. Vijay Sriram , MS (Ortho) Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Presently Consultant at Rainbow Children's Hospital & Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital