Minutes of Meeting

1). To ensure the standard teaching and evaulation.
2). To ensure the excellence in research and development.
3). To frame academic Policy in Regards to maintenance and imorovement of standard of teaching and research and evaluation

Team Members

1.Dr. M.R. Renuka DeviVice Principal, SBMCH
2.Dr. N.N. Anand Professor & HOD of General Medicine
3.Dr. G. Raja AmarnathProfessor & HOD of Respiratory Medicine
4.Dr. K ManoharanProfessor & HOD of DVL
5.Dr. R. RajkumarProfessor & HOD of Psychiarty
6.Dr. S. SundariProfessor & HOD of Peadiatrics
7.Dr. S. SelvamaniProfessor & HOD of Anaethosiology
8.Dr. M. PabhakaranProfessor & HOD of Radio Diagnosis
9.Dr. K.S. RavishankarProfessor & HOD of General Surgery
10.Dr. V. Vijay Narashima ReddyProfessor & HOD of Orthopeadics
11.Dr. M.K. RajsekarProfessor & HOD of ENT
12.Dr. B. ChandrasekranProfessor & HOD of Ophthalmology
13.Dr. K. VaniProfessor & HOD of OBG
14.Dr . Ganesh Muruga PermualProfessor & HOD of Anatomy
15.Dr. M.R. Renuka DeviProfessor & HOD of Physiology
16.Dr. B. ShanthiProfessor & HOD of Biochemistry
17. Dr. Chitralekha SasikumarProfessor & HOD of Microbiology
18.Dr. R. Uma DeviProfessor & HOD of Community Medicine
19.Dr. A. Savior selva sureshProfessor & HOD of Forensic Medicine
20.Dr. Arul Amutha ElizabethProfessor & HOD of Pharmcology
21.Dr. S. Mary LillyProfessor & HOD of Pathology