Department of radiodiagnosis & Medical Education Unit organized a International conference on From Conventional Radiology To Artificial Intelligence  – An Update From UK. On 08.10.2022. Dr. Santhosh Vijayaragavan, MD,  FRCR, ESMINT   Diploma, Consultant Radiologist Worcestershire Royal Hospital UK. Topic: Discrepancies in Radiology with case

Examples. Errors and discrepancies may cause direct or indirect, permanent, or temporary harmful effects because of a false, missed, or delayed diagnosis, or may not result in any harm if clinically insignificant, or feedback is received from clinicians or other radiologists. Dr Manickam Subramanian, MD, DNB, FRCR. Consultant Diagnostic Radiologist, Khoo

Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore. Topic: Radiology Events and Learning Dr Ramanivas Sundareyan, MD, PDCC, FRCR, EBIR. Consultant hepatobiliary & Interventional Radiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK. Topic: Recent Advances including AI in Radiology in the UK.