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Established in 1971, this department has evolved over time in providing the best of care to patients and also training post graduates. The Department of Anaesthesiology at Kasturba Medical College Manipal aids patients with perioperative care, pain management for both minimally invasive and complex open surgeries. Our department works as a team with various other surgical specialties offering general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, acute and chronic pain management, we also handle critically ill patients requiring surgery. Work is equally balanced with academics. Regular classes and teaching programmes keep our post graduates updated with the latest guidelines and working protocol. The Head of the Department Dr H.M Krishna, with unit chiefs Dr Anitha Shenoy, Dr Shaji, Dr Arun Kumar, Dr Malavika ensure smooth working of the department and also encourage the post graduates to participate in various academic activities. The department includes other skilled and experienced anesthesiologists giving their best effort.

The department provides anaesthetic services at approximately 30 different locations every day to a variety of surgeries including general surgery, Orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric, plastic, neuro and cardiac surgery. State of the art technology and science is being used including multimodular-monitors, newer anesthetics, ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and a large variety of difficult airway equipment among many others providing excellent training opportunities.

Access to the state-of-the-art Simulation Centre provides the trainees excellent opportunities to train in life support skills and management of critical incidents among others. There is always a willingness to learn from one another- junior or senior, young or old. All work is patient-centric with emphasis on safety and ethics. A combination of good quality clinical work as well as academics has made it a department of national repute.

Book Publication

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Dr. K. Prabhu
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Dr.V.S. Kalai Selvi
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Dr. Chaganti Sridevi
Dr. Mary Chandrika
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Ms.M. Mahalak
Mr. E. Vasudevan
Ms.V.P. Nivedhini
Dr.Mohamed Rabeek
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96Dm Biocon - Virtual National Conference And Workshop978-93-97255-14-5Dr. B. Shanti
Dr.V.S. Kalai Selvi
Dr. K. Sumathi
Dr. Shenbagalalitha
Dr. Chaganti Sridevi
Dr. Mary Chandrika
Dr. B. Gautham
Ms.M. Mahalak
Mr. E. Vasudevan
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Dr.Mohamed Rabeek
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97Virtual International Conference On Molecular Biology "Panbiocon"978-93-91255-57-2Dr. V. S. Kalaiselvi
Dr. Wms. Johnson
Dr. B. Shanthi
Dr. M. R. Renuka Devi
Dr. Ganesan Muruga Perumal
BIO2021MonographAksharaclick here
98Health Management978-93-5457-221-0Dr. G. Angeline Grace
Dr. R. Arun
CM2021MonographNetwayclick here
99Concepts And Practice Of Medical Ethics An Overview978-93-5457-025-4Dr. R. UmadeviCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
100Anaemia In Pregnancy - A Public Health Problem978-93-5346-250-5Dr. R. UmadeviCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
101National Virtual Conference On Geriatric Health – 2021 Geriatric Healthcare In India-The Way Forward978-93-91255-23-7Dr. R. Umadevi
Dr. Rashmi Gour
Dr. T. Stephen
Dr. S. Hariharan
Dr. B. Krishnaprasanth
Dr. R. Arun
Dr. Amrithalekha
CM2021MonographAksharaclick here
102National Virtual Conference On Public Health Nutrition – 2021 “Feeding Smart Right From Start”978-93-91255-31-2Dr. R. Umadevi
Dr. Shanthi Edward
Dr. N.B. Swetha
Dr. V.M. Anantha Eashwar
Dr. G. Angeline Grace
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Dr. P. Sujitha
CM2021MonographAksharaclick here
103A Short Textbook On Child Abuse - A Challenge978-93-5457-504-4Dr. Rashmi Gour
Dr. S. Hariharan
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104A Short Textbook On Neglected Tropical Diseases978-93-5457-933-2Dr. Shanthi EdwardCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
105A Concise Text Book Of Measures Of Disease Frequency978-93-5346-724-1Dr. Shanthi EdwardCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
106Community Based Rehabilitation - An Overview978-93-5346-217-8Dr. Sweetha N BCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
107Managing Depression - Indian Scenario978-93-5346-194-2Dr. V. M . Anantha EashwarCM2021MonographNetwayclick here
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Prof. Ashok Kumar N
Dr. Sukanya. G
Prof. K. Manoharan
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Dr. Sivaramakrishnan. S
Prof.N. Ashok Kumar
Dr. Sukanya.G
Prof. K. Manoharan
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114A Concise Textbook On Pruritus978-93-5457-319-4Dr. Sivaramakrishnan
Dr. Shreya Srinivasan
Dr. Sukanya G
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Prof. K. Manoharan
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115A Concise Textbook On Lymphogranuloma Venereum978-93-5457-382-8Dr. Sukanya. G
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116A Concise Textbook On Melanoma978-93-5457-289-0Dr. Vignesh Nr
Dr. Sukanya. G
Dr. Ramesh Tv
Dr. Sane Roja Renuka
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117Dermatology Inter- Collegiate Meet (Dicm Year Book 2020-2021)978-93-5457-384-2Prof. Dr. K. Manoharan
Prof. Dr. D. Manoharan
Prof.N. Ashok Kumar
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DVL2021BookNetwayclick here
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Prof. Dr. D. Manoharan
Dr. Geo Danny C
Dr. Sivaramakrishnan
Prof . K. Manoharan
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119A Concise Textbook On Phototherapy978-93-5457-425-2Dr. Geo Danny. C
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Dr. Viknesh Nr
Dr. Shreya Srinivasan
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123A Concise Text Book Of Syndromes In The Nose978-93-91255-64-0Dr. M.K.Rajasekar
Dr. Nithya Balasubramanian
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Dr. Naveen Kumar M
GM2021MonographNetwayclick here
125Acute Poisoning978-93-5457-860-1Dr. (Brig.)Shanmuganadan Krishnan
Dr. Kavuru Naga Siri
GM2021BookNetwayclick here
126Antiphospholipid Syndrome978-93-5457-860-1Dr. (Brig.)Shanmuganadan Krishnan
Dr. Lohitha Mallipeddi
GM2021MonographNetwayclick here
127Emergencies In Respiratory Medicine978- 93- 5457- 960- 8Dr. (Brig.)Shanmuganadan Krishnan
Dr. P. Sanjeevi Krishnan
GM2021MonographNetwayclick here
128Uric Acid And Its Clinical Significance978-93-5473-051-1Prof. Dr. V. Padma
Dr. Abhilash B Nair
GM2021MonographNetwayclick here
129Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria978-93-91255-16-9Dr.D.BinduMICRO2021MonographAksharaaClick Here
130Hand Book On Vaginal Infection978-93-97255-40-4Dr.Lakshmi KrishnasamyMICRO2021MonographAksharaaClick Here
131Know Your Eyes978-93-91255-00-8Faculty Of OpthalOPHTHAL2021BookAksharaaclick here
132Exam Preparatory Manual For Undergraduates Ophthamology978-81-948028-6-0Dr. K. Mohan RajOPHTHAL2021BookJaypee Brothersclick here
133Comparison Of Recent Who Classification Of Salivary Glad Neoplasams With The Previous Classification978-93-5437-624-5Dr. Ashwin Manikandan
Dr. Shobhana
PATH2021MonographNetwayclick here
134Hand Book On Interpretation Of Urine Analysis For General Practitioner978-93-91255-55-8Dr. S. Mary Lilly
Dr. M. Preethi here
135Concise Textbook Of Skin Biopsy Study In Leprosy978-93-5457-158-9Dr. Subhashini, Dr. M. Naga Meena LochiniPATH2021MonographAksharaaclick here
136Balpedicon - 2021 Conference Proceedings - International Conference978-93-91255-79-4Dr. S. Sundari
Dr. R. Somasekar
Dr. Shanthi Ramesh
PEDIA2021MonographAksharaaclick here
137Book On Neonatology978-93-91255-59-6Dr. S. Sundari
Dr. V. Archana
PEDIA2021BookAksharaaclick here
138Multiple Choice Questions In Genetics978-93-91255-88-6V.MadhumithaR&D2021MonographAksharaaClick Here
139Obstructive Sleep Apnea-A Silent Killer978-93-91255-96-1Dr.Sabarinath RavichandranRM2021MonographGerontocon - 2021 Handbook of GeriatricsClick Here
140Illustrated Lecture Notes On Lipid Metabolism978-93-91255-93-0Dr.V.S.KalaiselviBIO2021BookAksharaaClick Here
141Current Review Spondyloarthritis9789350000000Dr. K. Shanmuganathan
Dr. Kavuru Naga Sri
GM2021BookNetwayclick here
142Concise Textbook On Hemolytic Anemia978-93-545-771-8-5Dr. V. Padma
Dr. Kannan Meeradevi
GM2021BookNetwayclick here
143Instant Notes In Laboratory Diagnosis Of Fungi978-93-91255-32-9Dr.Lakshmi KrishnasamyMICRO2021MonographAksharaaClick Here
144Rh Iso Immunisation In Pregnancy978-81-950213-9-0Prof. Dr. R.Yuvarani,
Dr. Minthami Sharon,
Dr. Chandni
OBG2021MonographAksharaaclick here
145Her 2 Neu Mutations In Visceral Organs9789350000000Dr. Josephine A
Dr. Sarika
PATH2021MonographNetwayclick here
146Concise Textbook Of Molecular Pathyways Of Breast Carcinoma978-93-5457-156-5Dr. Vindu Srivatsava
Dr. Hemnath . R
PATH2021Monographclick here
147Changes In Conventional And Liquid Based Cytology Pap Smear In Various Cervical Lesions978-93-545-169-5Dr. Vinutha Gali
Dr. Gayathri
PATH2021MonographNetwayclick here
148Virtual International Conference On Hypertension Hyperpiesia 2021978-93-91255-80-0Department Faculty AllPHARM2021MonographAksharaclick here
149Signs In Abdominal Imaging - Well Known & Less Known978-93-5457-084-1Dr.I. VenkatramanRADIO DIAGNOSIS2021Bookclick here
150Conspectus Dermatology978-93-5457-430-6Prof Manoharan. KDVL2022Bookclick here
151Liver Function Test At A Glance978-93-5473-260-7Dr Manimegalai P
Dr. Pon Divya Bharathi
GM2022MonographNetwayclick Here
152Emergencies In Renal Disorders978-93-5473-858-6Dr Shanmuganandan Krishnan
Dr. Nalabothu Sreelatha
GM2022MonographNetwayClick Here
153Deep Vein Thrombosis& Pulmonary Embolism978-93-55-26-182-3Dr. Anand N.N
Dr. Ram Prasaanth P
GM2022MonographNetwayclick Here
154Text Book Of Peripheral Neuropathy978-93-5493-701-9Dr. Chejarla Likhitha
Dr. N. N. Anand
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155Hypothyroidism & Hyperthroidism978-93-5493-14-20Dr. Anuradha
Dr. A. Vikesh Prabhu
Dr. Harhvardhan
GM2022MonographNetwayClick Here
156Viral Heamorrhagic Fever978-93-5566-765-6Dr. N. N. Anand
Dr. R. Arvindraj
GM2022BookNetwayclick Here
157Gerontocon - 2021 Handbook Of Geriatrics978-93-5607-526-9Dr. N.N. Anand
Dr. Padma V
Brig (Dr) K. Shanmuganandan
Dr. S. Suresh Kanna
GM2022BookNetwayclick here
158Homocysteine & Hyperhomocysteinemia978-93-5493-093-5Dr. Padma V
Dr. Saketh Ramineni
GM2022MonographNetwayclick Here >
159Hyper - Coagulable States978-93-5457-790-1Dr. Padma V
Dr. Sarath Bhasakars
GM2022MonographNetwayclick Here
160Balneurocon 2021 - National Conference In Peadiatric -978-93-91255-39-8Dr. S. Sundari
Dr. Shanthi Ramesh
Dr. Naveen Chandher K
PEDIA2022MonographAksharaclick here >
161Therapeutic Yoga978-93-91255-04-6Dr. A. M. Moorthy
Dr. P. Ramasamy
SPORTS2022BookAksharaClick Here
162Anaemias978-93-91255-97-8Dr. B. Shanthi
Dr. V.S. Kalai Selvi
Dr. K. Sumathi
Dr. S. Shenbagalalitha
Dr. Chaganti Sridevi
Dr. A. Mary Chandrika
Dr. B. Gautham
Ms. M. Mahalakshmi
Mr. E. Vasudevan
Ms. V.P. Nivedhini
Dr. J. Mohamed Rabeek
BIOCHEMISTRYMonographAksharaclick here
163Relaxation Through Yoga And Methods978-93-94609-08-2Dr. A. M. MoorthyBIOCHEMISTRY2022Bookclick here
164Balneocon 2021978-93-91255-17-6Dr. RavanagomaganPAEDIATRIC2022MonographAksharaclick here
165Yoga Practical Manual For Beginners978-93-91255-98-5Dr. A. M. MoorthySPORTS MEDICINEMonographclick here
166Introduction To Alternative Medicine And Theropics978-93-94609-00-6A. M. Moorthy
Mr. Sathish Kumar
Bookclick here
167Concise Textbook Of Covid - 19978-93-5493-221-2Dr. N. Anuradha
Dr. A. Viknesh Prabhu
Dr. Harshvardhan Patel
GENERAL MEDICINE2022MonographNetwayclick here
168Myopathy Evaluation And Treatment (Volume -1)978-93-5602-977-4Dr. Suresh Kanna S
Dr. Dinesh Babu
Dr. Goutham Kumar Ap
GENERAL MEDICINE2022Monographclick here
169Sports Medicine & Yoga Therapy978-93-91255-89-3MoorthySPORTS MEDICINE2022BookAksharaclick here
170Historical Aspects In Microbiology -A Hand Book978-93-91255-24-4Dr.R. PraveenaMICROBIOLOGY2020MonographAksharaclick here
171Concise Text Book Of Rbc Disorder And Interpretation With Clinical Relevance978-93-91255-06-0Dr.M. Preethi
Dr. Kaushika
PATHOLOGY2021MonographAksharaclick here
172Concise Book Of Principles Of Elbow Examination978-93-91255-58-9Dr.Vijay Narasimman Reddy
Dr. Mervinrosario P.M
ORTHOPAEDICS2022MonographAksharaclick here
173Surgical Management Of Claw Hand, Foot Drop & Rehabilitation978-93-91255-48-0Dr.Vijay Narasimman Reddy
Dr. Mervinrosario P.M
ORTHOPAEDICS2022MonographAksharaclick here
174Research Methodology Workshop For Under Graduate And Post Graduates -2019978-93-91994-87-7Dr.N.B Swetha,
Dr.S. Hariharan,
Dr.B.Krishnaprasanth, Mrs. Ashni B
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
175A Monograph On Epidemiological Study Designs978-93-91994-07-5Dr.S.Gopalakrishnan, Dr.P.Sujitha, Dr.M.Jaivant, Dr.A.K. Amrithaleksha, Dr.M.K. Jasmine Sharmila, Dr.V.JeyaprabhaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
176Health Problems Of The Community978-93-91994-79-2Dr.J. Krishnakumar,
Dr.T. Stephen
Dr.Rashmi Gour
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
177Essential & Rational Use Of Medicines In Primary Health Centres - A Monograph978-93-91994-15-0Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan, Md, Dph Professor, HodCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
178Emporiatrics: An Overview978-93-91994-95-2Dr.Amirtha Lekha A.KCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
179Health Care Delivery System In India978-93-91994-76-1Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan,
Dr.M. Arunkumar
Dr.G.Angeline Grace
Dr.K. Renuka
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
180Global Public Health Threats978-93-91994-53-2Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan,
Dr.M. Arunkumar
Dr.G.Angeline Grace
Dr.K. Renuka
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
181Transition From Mdg To Sdg978-93-91994-72-3Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan,
Dr.M. Arunkumar
Dr.G.Angeline Grace
Dr.K. Renuka
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
182Health Education Methods & Materials978-93-91994-69-3Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan,
Dr.M. Arunkumar
Dr.G.Angeline Grace
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
183A Monograph On Nutritional Factors Contributing For Obesity And Cardiovascular Diseases978-93-91994-61-7Dr.S.Jaya Kiruthiga, Assistant ProfessorCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
184Uncommon Surgical Diseases978-93-91699-49-9Dr.R.N.M. Francis, Professor & Hod
Dr.K.S. Ravishankar, Professor
GENERAL SURGERY2022Monographclick here
185Current Concepts In The Management Of Gout978-93-91255-49-7Dr. (Brig) Shanmuganandan Krishnan, Dr. N. N. Anand, Dr. Shwetha, Dr. Lohitha, Dr. KavuruGM2022MonographNetwayclick here
186Severe Acute Malnutrition978-93-91255-65-7Dr. Ravanagomagan , Dr. SomasekarPAEDIATRICSMonographNetwayclick here
187Ebola Virus And Nipah Virus978-93-91255-53-4Dr. Krithika, Dr. SundariPAEDIATRICS2022MonographNetwayclick here
188Childhood Obesity978-93-91255-61-9Dr. Shanthi Ramesh, Dr. SundariPAEDIATRICSMonographNetwayclick here
189Cns Infections978-93-91255-74-9Dr. Archana, Dr. M. Shafath AhmedPAEDIATRICS2022MonographNetwayclick here
190Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis978-93-91255-82-4Dr. Naveen Chandher K, Dr. JagadeeswariPAEDIATRICSMonographNetwayclick here
191Adolescent Vaccinations978-93-91-255-90-9Dr. Priya MargaretPAEDIATRICS2022MonographNetwayclick here
192Management Of A Child With Blood Cancer And Social Issues978-93-91255-33-6Dr. P. John SolomonPAEDIATRICSMonographNetwayclick here
193Pneumonia978-93-91255-41-1Dr. VindhyaPAEDIATRICS2022MonographNetwayclick here
194Perinatal Asphyxia978-93-91255-25-1Dr. Ramya, Dr. SundariPAEDIATRICSMonographNetwayclick here
195Theory And Application Of Microbiology And Biotechnology Vol 3978-93-89816-12-9 (978-93-89816-13-6)P. Ramaswamy, D.R. Gunasekaran, J. Sujitha RaniR & D2022Bookclick here
196Concise Textbook Of Heartfailure978-93-5593-326-3Dr. Alex, Dr. Shankar, Dr. UmashankarGMMonographNetwayclick here
197Concise Textbook Of Complications Of Diabetes Mellitus978-9354933318Dr. A. Shankar, Dr. A. KanmaniGM2022Monographclick here
198A Short Textbook On Verbal Autopsy In India978-93-5626-976-7Dr. P. Sujitha, Dr. G. Angeline GraceCOMMUNITY MEDICINEMonographNetwayclick here
199Clinical Pearls On Seizure978-93-5626-904-0Dr. Manimekalai P, Dr. Vinatha Mc, Dr. Vishnuvarathan, Dr. AravindhGM2022MonographNetwayclick here
200A Concise Manual On Biomedical Waste Management978-93-5627-051-0Dr. Umadevi, Dr. Nithya, Dr. Abirami, Dr. Sushmitha, Dr. ShobanapriyaCOMMUNITY MEDICINEMonographNetwayclick here
201Theoretical Distributions And Hypothesis Testing978-93-91994-28-0Dr. KrishnaprasanthCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
202Impact Of Nutrition Intervention978-93-91-994-36-5Dr. P. MohanakrishnanCOMMUNITY MEDICINEMonographDiscoveryclick here
203Alternative Medicine978-93-91994-44-0Dr. HariharanCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
204Acute Respiratory Infection And Protein Energy Malnutrition978-93-91994-52-5Dr P.Mohan KumarCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
205Diagnostic Tests In Statistics978-93-91994-60-0Mrs. Ashni BhandariCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
206Family Planning978-93-91994-78-5Dr. S. Sushmitha SaranCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
207Book Of Ards978-935-620-6380Prof . Dr. N. N. Anand
Dr. Karthick Ramalingam A
Dr. Anandh Mohan
Dr. Nithersha Prakesh
GENERAL MEDICINEGenral MedicineBookNetwayclick here
208Cytokine Storm In Covid - 19978-93-5619-917-0Dr. (Brig) Shanmuganandan Krishnan
Dr. Kavuru Naga Siri
Dr. P. Sanjeevi Krishnan
Dr. Sreelatha Nalabothu
Dr. Naveen Kumar M
2022Genral MedicineMonographNetwayclick here
209Myths And Facts About Common Gastrointestinal Conditions978-93-94762-29-9Prof Dr. Prabudoss. G. SSURGICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY2022BookDiscoveryClick Here
210Monograph On Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus And Protocol Based Treatment For Hypertension In Primary Health Care978-93-91994-68-6Dr. R. Umadevi
Dr. A. K. Savitha
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
211Endocrine Function Tests978-93-94609-13-6All FacultyBIOCHEMISTRY2022MonographNetwayclick here
212Recent Advances In Indian Health Care978-93-91994-35-8Dr. S. Gopala Krishnan
Dr. M. Arun Kumarv
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
213Chronic Kidney Disease978-93-5620-868-1Dr. Manimekalai, Dr. Vinatha, Dr. Vishnuvarthan, Dr. Nandhyala Durga Venkata Sainadh2022MonographNetwayclick here
214Preventive Medicine In Geriatrics978-93-91994-35-8Dr. S. G. Shobana PriyaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
215Normal Distribution978-93-91994-86-0Mrs. Ashini BhandariCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
216Preventive Medicine In Obstetrics978-93-91994-51-8Dr. S. AbramiCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
217Introduction To Probability Distributions978-93-91994-59-4Mrs. Ashini BhandariCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
218Public Health Education For Undergraduate Medical Students978-93-91994-67-9Dr. S. GopalakrishnanCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
219Randomised Controlled Trials978-93-91994-66-2Dr. Jaya KiruthikaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
220Screening For Diseases978-93-91994-73-0Dr. R. KeerthanaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
221Quality Of Functioning And Drug Usage Pattern In Primary Health Care978-93-91994-77-8Dr. S. GopalakrishnanCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
222Social Marketing978-93-91994-85-3Dr. S. HariharanCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
223Sampling Distributions978-93-91994-93-8Dr. B. Krishna PrasanthCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
224Behavioural Science And Health978-93-94762-01-5Dr. V. NithyaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
225Typhoid Fever978-93-94762-06-0Dr. S. AbiramiCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
226Syphilis978-93-94762-07-7Dr. V. Nithya
Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan
COMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
227Social Groups978-93-94762-08-4Dr. KeerthanaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
228Basic Measurements In Epidemiology978-93-94762-09-1Dr. R J CharulathaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
229Dengue Fever978-93-94762-10-7Dr. R J CharulathaCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
230Swine Flu And Rabies978-93-94762-12-1Dr. Stephen TCOMMUNITY MEDICINE2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
231Common Pain Relieving Procedures Latest978-93-94762-17-6Dr. VinodANAESTHESIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
232Labour Analgesia Challenges For Anaesthesiologst978-93-94762-19-0Dr. Selvamani
Dr. Bhagyavardhan
ANAESTHESIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
233Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia978-93-94762-19-0Dr. Ajay Kumar
Dr. Bhagyavardhan
ANAESTHESIOLOGY2022BookDiscoveryclick here
234Imaging Signs In Brain, Head, Neck And Spine- Newer And The Lesser Known Ones978-93-94609-15-0Dr. Venkataraman IndiranRADIODIAGNOSIS2022BookNetwayclick here
235Question In Radiology And Imaging Which Budding Radiologists Want To Ask But Are Afraid To Ask978-93-94609-09-9Dr. Venkataraman IndiranRADIODIAGNOSIS2022BookNetwayclick here
236Concise Text On Secondary Hypertension978-93-5627-184-5P. Anandan, Devang J BaradGM2022MonographNetwayclick here >
237Textbook On Management Of Hypertension978-93-5620-864-3Dr. Suresh Kanna, Dr. Venkat Sai, Dr. Srinivasarao GopisettyGM2022MonographNetwayclick here
238A Concise Textbook Of Mcqs In Medical Mycology978-93-94609-14-3Dr. Nanadhini M SMICROBIOLOGY2022MonographNetwayclick here
239Research Methods In Sports Medicine And Excercise Science978-93-94609-01-3Dr. A. M. MoorthySPORTS2022MonographAksharaclick here
240Yoga For Healthy Life978-93-94609-02-0Dr. A. M. MoorthySPORTS2022MonographAksharaclick here
241Multiple Choice Questions In Health Care Associated Infections978-93-5627-690-1Dr. M. NishanthyMICROBIOLOGY2022MonographNetwayclick here
242Mdct Applications In Trauma978-93-947-62-40-4Dr. Prabhakaran.M., B.Sc, Md, Dmrd
Dr.Beno Jefferson., Mdrd Resident
Dr.Revathy., Mdrd Resident
Dr.Anish., Mdrd Resident
RADIOLOGY2022Monographclick here
243Radiological Approach To Bone -Dysplasias978-93-947-62-29-9Dr. Kalaichezian., Mdrd Dr.Poonam.C., Mdrd Resident Dr.Syedha Fariheen., Mdrd Resident. Dr.K.S.Eswar., Mdrd Resident.RADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
244Imaging And Intervention In Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage978-93-94762-37-4Dr. Naveen.P., Mdrd Dr.Poonam.C., Mdrd Resident Dr.Jatin.V.K., Mdrd Resident Dr.Manpreet Singh., Mdrd Resident.RADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
245Radiology Of Spinal And Pelvic Trauma978-93-94762-43-5Dr. Prabhakaran.M., B.Sc, Md, Dmrd Dr.Beno Jefferson., Mdrd Resident Dr.Revathy., Mdrd Resident Dr.Anish., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
246Imaging In Gynaecological Malignancies978-93-94-762-37-4Dr. Naveen.P., Mdrd Dr.Syedha Fariheen., Mdrd Resident Dr.Immanuel Judah., Mdrd Resident.RADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
247Mr Evaluation Of Knee Joint978-93-94762-39-8Dr. Manikandan.P., Mdrd Dr.Pujitha., Mdrd Resident Dr.Suresh., Mdrd Resident Dr.Dilli Babu., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
248Approach To Brain Tumours978-93-94762-30-5Dr. Kalaichezian., Mdrd, Dr.Poonam.C., Mdrd Resident, Dr.Syedha Fariheen., Mdrd Resident, Dr.K.S.Eswar., Mdrd Resident. Dr.Monika.R., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
249Imaging Of Sellar And Parasellar Lesions978-93-94762-38-1Dr. Manikandan.P., Mdrd, Dr.Pujitha., Mdrd Resident, Dr.Suresh., Mdrd Resident, Dr.Dilli Babu., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
250Hrct Chest978-93-94762-31-2Dr. Venkatraman.I., Mdrd, Associate Professor Dr.Poonam.C., Mdrd Resident Dr.Syedha Fariheen., Mdrd Resident. Dr.Niranjan.K., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
251Pediatric Radiology978-93-94762-42-8Dr. Venkatraman.I., Mdrd, Associate Professor Dr.Poonam.C., Mdrd Resident Dr.Syedha Fariheen., Mdrd Resident. Dr.Niranjan.K., Mdrd ResidentRADIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
252Physiology On Pain978-93-94762-49-7Ms. Vimala Rani SPHYSIOLOGY2022MonographDiscovery
253Blood Pressure978-93-94762-44-2Ms. R Leela BhavaniPHYSIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
254Cerebellum978-93-94762-48-0Dr S ParijathamPHYSIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
255Regulation Of Respiration978-93-94762-50-3Dr S ParijathamPHYSIOLOGY2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
256Shoulder Examination Edit Word978-93-94762-51-0Dr. Vijay Narasimman Reddy, Dr. Pooja Pradeep Suratwala, Dr.Merwin RosarioORTHO2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
257Talus And Its Disorders978-93-94762-54-1Dr. Vijay Narasimman Reddy, Dr. Lionel John J, Dr. Muralidharan R, Dr. M. KarthikeyanORTHO2022MonographDiscoveryclick here
258Synergistic Drugs To Combat Resistance978-93-94762-33-6Dr. S. Rajamanikandan
Dr. D. Prabhu
R & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereReceived
259Protein Functional Annotation Of Drug Targets978-93-94762-02-2Dr. D. Prabhu
Dr. S. Rajamanikandan
R & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereReceived
260Smart Nano Material For Bio Medicines978-93-94762-57-2Prof . Palaniyandi VeluswamyR & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereYet to receive
261Nutraceuticals And Health Supplements Of Dunaliella978-93-94762-14-5Dr. RajaR & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereYet to receive
262Experimental Studies On Antimicrobial Peptides978-93-94762-55-8Dr. Sofi Beaula WR & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereReceived
263Biomarkers for monitoring herbicide pollution978-93-94762-56-5Dr. S. Vasanth, Meenakumari, Jasmine BuelahR & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereReceived
264Natural bioactive molecules in discovery of novel drugs978-93-94762-56-6Palaniyandi VelusamyR & D2022BookDiscoveryclick hereYet to receive
265Triacylglycerol and Phospholipid Metabolism978-93-91255-86-2Dr. K. Sumathi
Mr. Vasudevan E
Dr. A. Jamuna Rani
Mrs. M. Mahalakshmi
Miss V. P. Nivedhini
Biochemistry2022BookAksharaclick here
266Hand Book on Molecular Biology978-93-94609-06-8Dr. Mary Chandrika
Dr. B. Shanthi
Dr. K. Sumathi
Dr. Chaganti Sridevi
Biochemistry2022BookAksharaclick here
267Distant Vision In ENT978-93-5627-329-0Dr.Sumitha Ramanathan Dr.S.SumithaaENT2022MonographNetwayclick here
268Concise TextBook of Leukemias978-93-5627-438-9Dr.N.Anuradha Dr.Harshvardhan PatelGeneral Medicine2022NetwayClick here
269Iron Deficiency Anemia978-93-5626-960-6Dr.A. Sankar Dr. R.Umashankar Dr.K. PadmalathaGeneral Medicine2022NetwayClick here
270Intravenous Fluid Therapy978-93-5620-866-7Dr. Suresh Kanna Dr. R.Mathisha Ebby PerinGeneral Medicine2022Netwayclick here
271A Hand Book on Outbreak Investigation978-93-94609-35-8Dr.V.PriyaMicro2022Aksharaclick here
272Down Syndrome978-93-94609-45-7Dr.Shanthi Ramesh Dr.S. SundariPaed2022Aksharaclick here
273Concise TextBook Of Cerebral Palsy978-93-94609-29-7Dr.S.SundariPaed2022Aksharaclick here
274Competency Curriculum Based Biochemistry Practical Manual978-93-94609-20-4Dr.B. Shanthi Dr.V.S.Kalaiselvi Dr.K.Sumathi Dr.A.Mary Chandrika Dr.S.Shenbagalalitha Dr.Chaganti Sridevi Dr.A.Jamuna Rani Ms. Nivedhini V.P Mr.E. Vasudevan Mrs.M. MahalakshmiBiochemistry2022Aksharaclick here
275Textbook of Allied Health Sciences( Biochemistry) I Semester978-93-94609-16-7Ms. M. Mahalakshmi
Ms. V P Nivedhini
Mr. E. Vasudevan
Dr. K. Sumathi
Dr. Chaganti Sridevi
Dr. B. Shanthi
Dr. V. S. Kalaiselvi
Dr. A. Mary Chandrika
Dr. S. Shenbagalalitha
Biochemistry2022AksharaClick Here
276Essential Newborn Care978-93-94609-30-3Dr.S. JagadeeswariPediatrics2022Aksharaclick here
277Non Invasive Ventilatioon - Your Mechanical Lungs978-93-94609-17-4Dr.K.SahanaPulmonology2022Aksharaclick here
278Pharmacological Perspective of COVID- 19 - an overview978-93-946096-47-1Dr. S. Brigida , Prof. Dr. Arul Amutha ElizabethPharmacology2022Aksharaclick here
279A Textbook on Rare Reports in Respiratory Medicine (RRR)978-93-94609-18-1Dr. Sabarinath Ravichandar, Dr. J. Mohanakrishnan, Dr.K. SahanaRespiratory Medicine2022Aksharaclick here
280Viral Vaccines978-93-94609-12-9Dr. Srivalsa BhaskaraanMICROBIOLOGY2022Aksharaclick here
281Instruments in ENT978-93-94609-10-5Dr. M K Rajasekar MS, DLO, Dr. K. S SarenyaENT, Head and Neck Surgery2022Aksharaclick here >
282Radiology in ENT978-93-94609-05-1Dr. M K Rajasekar MS, DLO, Dr. R. P JayapreethaENT, Head and Neck Surgery2022Aksharaclick here
283Clinical Manual of ENT978-93-94609-07-5Dr. M K Rajasekar MS, DLO, Dr. K.R MuralidharanENT, Head and Neck Surgery2022Aksharaclick here
284Case sheets in clinical physiology978-93-91255-01-5Dr. Renuka Devi, Dr. PR Devaki, Dr. Rajam Krishna, Dr. Parijatham, Dr. Sasikumar, Dr. DantiPhysiology2022Aksharaclick here
285An overview of chronic liver diseases978-93-5627-067-1DR. Manimegalai, Dr. Vinatha MC, Dr. Lok Chaitanya PujariGeneral Medicine2022MonographNetwayclick here
286A short textbook on health planning978-93-5636-714-2Dr. Swetha NB, DR. G. Angeline Grace, DR. Sujitha PCommunity medicine2022MonographNetwayclick here
287Capacity building of NGOs in disability management978-81-945768-6-0Dr. Anita, Dr. S. Bhuminathan, Dr. WMS Johnson2022Book (chapter)NIEPMDclick here
288A Guide to Mentoring Medical students978-93-946069-11-2Dr.G. Durga DeviAnatomy2022Aksharaclick here
289Vaginal Candidiasis: An Overview978-93-94609-36-5Dr. Lakshmi KrishnasamyMicrobiology2022Aksharaclick here
290National virtual conference on Non- Communicable Diseases-2022978-93-94609-39-6Dr. R. Umadevi, Dr. Shanthi edward, Dr. Rashmi Gour Patel, Dr. T. stephen, Dr. N.B.Swetha, Dr.V. M. Anantha Eashwar, Dr. S.Hariharan, Dr.R. Arun Dr.P. Sujitha, Dr. A.K. AmrithalekhaCommunity Medicine2022AksharaClick here
291Arthritis Demystified978-93-5578-077-5Dr. (Brig) K Shanmuganandan Krishnan , Dr. Kavuru Naga Siri, Dr. M. Naveen Kumar, Dr. P Sanjeevi Krishnan, Dr. Nalabothu SreelathaGeneral Medicine2022NetwayClick here
292Infections in the Immunocompromised Host978-93-5636-657-2Dr.N. N. Anand, Dr. (BRIG.) shanmuganandan Krishnan, Dr. Manimekalai Periyasamy, Dr. S. Suresh Kanna, Dr.P. AnandanGeneral Medicine2022NetwayClick here
293Acute Bacterial Meningitis9789390000000Dr. S Bhavathy
Dr A P Krithika
Dr Agni Dev
Paediatrics2022NetwayClick here
294Colonic Malignancy9789390000000Dr, Sasikumar.P.
Dr. Jayakrishna Reddy
General Surgery2022NetwayClick here
295Rheumatic Fever9789390000000Dr. Lakshmi Charan
Dr. Shanthi Ramesh
Dr. Sundari S.
Paediatrics2022NetwayClick here
296Rectum9789390000000Dr. SanthaseelaGeneral Surgery2022NetwayClick here
297Soft Tissue Sarcoma9789390000000Dr. Sai Mahesh
Dr C T Karthikeyan
General Surgery2022NetwayClick here
298The Anus & The Anal Canal9789390000000Dr. P K BhaskaranGeneral Surgery2022NetwayClick here
299Benign Disorders of the Thyroid Gland9789390000000Prof R N M FrancisGeneral Surgery2022NetwayClick here
300Breast Cancer9789390000000Dr G S Arun Narindar
Dr Senthil Kumar
Prof Dr P Darwin
General Surgery2022NetwayClick here
301CSF Rhinorrhoea9789390000000Prof. M K RajasekarENT2022NetwayClick here
302Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma9789390000000Prof . Sridhara NarayananENT2022NetwayClick here
303Vocal Cord Paralysis9789390000000Dr. J SumithaENT2022NetwayClick here
304Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media9789390000000Prof. M K RajasekarENT2022NetwayClick here
305Complications of Otitis Media9789390000000Prof . Sridhara NarayananENT2022NetwayClick here
306Tracheostomy97893900000000Dr. J SumithaENT2022NetwayClick here
307Uveitis Made Simple9789390000000S R RathinamOphthalmology2022NetwayClick here
308Airway9789390000000Dr. CS Prakash,
Dr. Anand Kumar G S, Dr. Vasanthan M R,
Dr. Ranganathan M D,
Dr. Uma, Dr. Meera Rani Nayak, Dr. Ajay Kumar Anandhan, Dr. S. Harikumar, Dr. MR Vasanthan
Anaesthesiology2022NetwayClick here
309Examination of a Patient With Pain9789390000000Dr. Anand Kumar
Dr. Vasanthan
Anaesthesiology2022NetwayClick here
310Imaging in AIDS in Children9789390000000Dr. M Prabakaran
Dr. K Kanakaraj
Dr. Kuku
Radio-Diagnosis2022NetwayClick here
311Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella Species9789390000000Dr. Godfred A MenezesMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
312Polyps Of Gastro - Intestinal Tract9789390000000Dr. A JosephinePathology2022NetwayClick here
313Health And Diseases9789390000000Dr. GovindharajanPathology2022NetwayClick here
314Basics of Histo Techniques9789390000000Dr. Hemalatha GanapathyPathology2022NetwayClick here
315Prostate Biopsy Interpretation9789390000000Dr. AnushyaPathology2022NetwayClick here
316Interpretation of Lymph Noe Biopsy9789390000000Dr. Karkuzali PonnuswamyPathology2022NetwayClick here
317Evaluation in Male Infertility9789390000000Dr. M Prabakaan
Dr I Venkatraman
Dr Prathiba Rajalakshmi
Dr Karthikeyan
Radio-Diagnosis2022NetwayClick here
318CT Abdomen in Bowel Obstruction9789390000000Dr. M Prabakaran
Dr I Venkatraman
Dr Roshni J
Radio-Diagnosis2022NetwayClick here
319MRI in Shoulder Pain9789390000000Dr. M Prabakaran
Dr K Kanakaraj
Dr R Sidhu Ganesh
Radio-Diagnosis2022NetwayClick here
320Interventional Radiology ( Enhanced Care With Advanced Technology )97893900000000Dr.M. Prabakaran
Dr I Venkatraman
Dr R Ravindran
Radio-Diagnosis2022NetwayClick here
321Sterilization And Disinfection9789390000000Prof Dr V IllamaniMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
322Common Intestinal Nematodes infecting Man9789390000000Dr PraveenaMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
323Bacterial Genetics for Undergraduates9789390000000Prof Dr ChitralekhaMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
324Mosquito - Borne Parasitic Diseases9789390000000Prof Dr KiranMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
325Diarrhea9789390000000Prof Dr V IllamaniMicrobiology2022NetwayClick here
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333A Concise book on Heart Failure
Dr. Kosuri Akhila , Dr. Suresh Kanna, Dr. Naga siri
General Medicine
Click Here
334General Examination a Physicians View
Dr. Suresh Kanna S, Dr. Goutham Kumar A P, Dr. Nagasiri
General Medicine
Click Here
335Current Concept in Viral Hepatitis
Dr. Keerthana I, Dr. Suresh kanna, Dr. Nagasiri
General Medicine
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336Concise Book on Pediatric Endocrinology
Prrof Dr. S. Sundari, Dr. Krithika AP, Dr. Ramya R
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337National Hybrid Conference on Vector - Borne Disease
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Community Medicine
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338A Practical Guide to the Practical Exam
Dr. S. Meenakshi, Prof. Dr. M.K. Rajasekar
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