SBMC&H Central Library centrally air conditioned, well-lit, aesthetically designed library proofed with fire alarms, one gets into an atmosphere for serious intellectual work. Any member of SBMC&H has free access to a rich collection of more than 18138books, 160 journals, and over 7200 back issues at any time between 8.a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 8.a.m. to 8 p.m.on holidays.

The library provides and facilitates the students and the faculty to have free access to online journals.

Multiple terminals are provided in the Internet club.

Audio and Video room has a wide range of CDs and Video cassettes providing effective learning tools. In addition to the 270 seats in the main library reading hall, another hall with 250 seats is available for the users to read their own books. Photo copying facility is available in the library to help the users.

The specially designed conference rooms located inside the library is available for multimedia presentations, to conduct teleconferences and for international image transfers. A number of national and international conferences and CME programmes are conducted in the auditorium.

Central Library is functioning under the able guidance of Professor Dr V S KalaiSelvi, M.D., (Biochemistry) which serves as a tangible treasure of knowledge providing Students the repository of material for the future Doctors of India, in which, so far as possible, Spread over a carpet area of more than 4000 square meter.

Central Library Comprises of

  • Main Reading Room
  • Own book reading Rooms
  • Journal Room
  • Back Volume Journal Room
  • Staff reading room
  • Audio visual Room
  • Skill Lab
  • Internet/Medlar centre
  • Staff Rooms
  • Binding & Xerox room separately

Library Services include
  • Computerized search Users can access Meta information on books and journal articles added to the Library through internet facility (80 terminals)
  • It is available on subscription basis.
  • Library loan service to economically weak students.
  • Automation facility

No of Books:
18138 as on 22-11-2012 covering all specialty & super specialty.
Journals 160 (87 International & rest Indian)