Department of Dentistry

About the Department / Program

Dental pain is the toughest of all the pains to be experienced and we are qualified to treat them right and give you relief. We have a board of highly skilled and super specialized dentists from an endodontist to an orthodontist. All of them work in accordance to carry out any procedure. No matter your concern, we give you the right diagnosis and treatment.

We’re available to provide our services from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We look forward to treating your pain. But we encourage you to have a general checkup every six months to rule out any trouble further. Dental procedures aren’t costly, your neglect is.

We have all different Nine super speciality branches in dentistry dedicated to delivering the best services. You as a student would be eligible to be part of each department and learn from the best. Be it a general scaling from the periodontist or a general dentist, you could be a pro with practice on regular outpatient flow or a root canal procedure for the severe pain. As new as the field of dentistry may seem at first, with the right amount of guidance and mentorship from our professors you’d get better at it.

We have an extensive laboratory, library full of updated books, journals, publications, and practical exercises scheduled timely for students to experience different methods and get strong in the basics.