Department of Microbiology

About the Department / Program

At Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, the Microbiology department was created with the intention of providing top-notch instruction and research for graduate-level and undergraduate students. The challenges that microbiologists face range from those that require immediate attention, such as newly developing diseases, to those that are more long-term, like antimicrobial drug resistance

Our Mission

To vigilantly expand their purview on proper drug usage, drug monitoring in the management of diseases.

To enhance their efficiency of learning and applying their skill and to help them making sound decisions to utilize various modalities to enhance their strength in the subject.

Our Vision

To be an integral part in bringing up students in active learning of Microbiology and to be an eminent and significant contributor in Microbiology research with eventual grail in improving the interests and capabilities of students thereby impacting human health.

Our Academics

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Student Achievements

1REMOCON 2019-International conference on molecular and regenerative medicineE-POSTERComparison of bacterial culture and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern in Conventional and automated system (VITEK 2)Best e-Poster presentation under PG category
2PANBIOCON 2021-International conference on molecular biology

Oral paperGenotypic characterization of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases producing Proteus species in a tertiary care hospital.Best oral presentation under PG category.

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