Dedpartment of Biochemistry

The Department was founded in 2003 June with the goal to offer graduate study on Biochemistry. Since its inception it has been engaged in Teaching, Research, and patient care by offering Clinical Lab services. The Department has ambient location on the second floor of SreeBalaji Medical College& Hospital, Bharath University.


  • A Research Laboratory
  • A spacious well equipped under graduate students laborator
  • Computer, data-processing Laboratory
  • A well updated Department Library
  • Seminar Room
  • Faculty offices
  • Post graduates Common Room
  • Post Graduates Laboratory

Undergraduate Curriculum:
The syllabus for I M.B.B.S is as per the Medical Council of India Norms.
Horizontal Integrated Teaching Module in Basic Medical Sciences is implemented. Biochemistry syllabus encompasses Basic and Clinical Biochemistry with special emphasis on applied aspects.
  • Student learning and research is encouraged through
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Student seminar
  • Poster & Presentation
  • Projects
  • Invited Guest Lectures on recent Clinical Research

Post Graduate Curriculum:
  • The 36month Postgraduate program in Biochemistry is designed to satisfy the training requirements as per MCI norms.
  • Right from day one students are guided to focus on Training and Research in Molecular Biology in the Central Research Laboratory.
  • Evidenced Based Medical Education is encouraged.
  • Students are encouraged to attend Conferences, present papers, CME and workshops to update their knowledge.
  • The department insists the students to have two publications prior to their thesis submission.
  • Applied learning of Clinical Biochemistry is encouraged through postings in the Laboratory, and Clinical Posting in the Special Departments like Endocrinology, Diabetolgy, Genetics and Nephrology.
  • The department caters to the needs of the students and patients by imparting theoretical, practical skills to the students and providing quality, efficient and reliable laboratory service to the patients.