Department of Cardiac Care Center

The Cardiac Care Centre of the SBMCH has a simple mission. Always provide the best in heart care. To achieve this, the centre brings together leading cardiac care specialists, advanced technology, world-class infrastructure, and a human touch that heals.

Today, the Centre is among the few establishments in India to offer heart care to adults and children. In addition to providing quality heart care, the centre has training, research, and outreach programmes that comprehensively address today's challenges and prepare us for emerging challenges in heart care. CCC-At the forefront of the heart care: The CCC of SBMCH provides world-class care to all – from new born babies to senior citizens. Our success is the natural outcome of our ability to bring together leading medical professionals, advanced infrastructure and comprehensive clinical services. Shaping the future at the same time, we also prepare for the emerging challenges in heart care by focusing on human resource development, clinical and basic research and public awareness creation.

Our infrastructure reflects our mission of providing the best in heart care. While our outpatient and inpatient services cater to a huge number of patients, the cardio thoracic theatres are equipped with state of the art technology to perform highly complicated surgical procedures. For acutely ill patients, The Intensive Cardiac Care Units (ICCUs) offer total care. Finally, the cardiac rehabilitation units bring together a multidisciplinary team of Cardiologists, Nutrition Experts, Physiotherapists and Psychologists to ensure that the patient recovers as much as possible in short a timeperiod as possible.

The outpatient consultation suits include:

  • The Electrocardiography laboratories
  • The Echocardiography laboratories
  • The Cardiac Catheterization & Electrophysiology Laboratories
  • The Cardio Thoracic theatres
  • The Intensive Cardiac Care Units
  • The Inpatient Facilities
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Units

Clinical Focus
With fully equipped laboratories, we offer a whole gamut of clinical services – electrocardiography, cardiac imaging, interventional cardiology, management of rhythm disorders numerous surgical corrections and medical management. At CCC, we offer a comprehensive range of clinical services. Electrocardiography services include surface ECG and treadmill testing. Cardiac imaging, we have invasive, non-invasive procedures Interventional cardiology is a growing specialisation and receives a great deal of attention at the CCC, with some of techniques and tools on offer. Management of rhythm disorders is another vital clinical service. EP study and RF ablation, pacemakers and defibrillators are used to save lives. Finally, a number of surgical corrections are performed on pink babies, blue babies and patients with acquired heart defects.