Department of Community Medicine

Department of Community Medicine of Sree Balaji Medical College started in the year 2003. Community medicine is the branch of medicine, which deals with the health care of the community through health promotion, disease prevention and health protection through Primary health care approach.

Academic activities:
The department is involved in the training of the students of I MBBS, II MBBS, III MBBS, Nursing students, CRRIs and Post graduates (Community Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, General Medicine, Anatomy, Biochemistry).

The students are trained in disease control, biostatistics, epidemiology, behavioral change communication, health care system, management skills, health policies including Public Health Act, through lectures tutorials, seminars, symposiums, demonstrations and hands on experience in the field activities.

Outreach activities:
Under the department of Community medicine there is an Urban and Rural health trainingcenters in Ankaputhur and Sripuram localities covering a population of around 30,000 each.

In the health centre apart from outpatient care, healtheducation and school health activities are also being carried out. The department conducts various health camp in co-ordination with other departments of medical, nursing college and also with NGO’s and NSS. Community surveys are routinely being carried out inthis community by the undergraduate and post graduate students under the guidance of faculty ofthis department.

Research activities:
The postgraduates and the faculty of this department in the field practice areas of Urban and Rural health centers are undertaking various research activities and studies.

Scope of the specialty:
The speciality empower the students to acquire leadership qualities in the health sector, to become public health specialists in planning, implementation and evaluation of disease control programmes by applying the principles of epidemiology and biostatistics.