Department of General Medicine

The department of general medicine in Sree Balaji Medical College was started on august 2003 with a minimal staff of 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 3 medical officers. It grew slowly with increasing staff members and ran specialty clinics like diabetology, hypertension and geriatric medicine.

In the initial years there was no super specialty department like cardiology, nephrology, neurology etc. The department of general medicine was catering these patients. As super specialty departments were started in 2006 – 2007, the department of general medicine was feeding these departments in addition to taking care of its own functioning. All faculties are involved in UG, PG, Paramedical graduate training and research. PG courses were started in May 2009.

Regular CME’s, workshops and national conferences were conducted every year. In 2010 October the department conducted international conference in Chennai INCOM 2010, where many of our staff members and PG’s presented papers and also presented and participated in IDF 2011 December and 2012 IMSACON Dubai.

Under the able guidance of Professor S.M.Rajendran, various research papers are being published in national and international conferences and journals. 2 centres of research and excellence was started in 2010
1. BALDORC(SreeBalajiMedcal College Diabetes and Research centre)
2. LDRC(LeishmaniaDonovani Research Centre)

The department of general medicine also conducts several camps at surrounding areas every month. The department of general medicine also takes care of the ICU at an affordable price without compromising on quality for the benefit of the patients. The diabetology clinic is giving free service to the patients as well as giving free diabetic medicines since June 2011.