Dedpartment of Pathology

The department was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering graduate study in Pathology. Since its inception, it has been engaged in research, teaching and diagnostics. The department occupies 4200 sqft location in the first floor of Sree Balaji Medical College and a central lab occupying a 2500 square-foot in the Hospital.


  • Central lab comprising of histopathology, cytology and clinical pathology laboratories
  • Research lab with immunohistochemistry for post graduates
  • Histopathology / clinical pathology students lab for undergraduates
  • Computer, data processing and microscopy laboratory
  • Department library
  • Trinocular microscope and photography with cctv apparatus
  • Seminar room
  • Faculty offices
  • Post graduate common room
  • Monthly clinicopathological correlation meetings, weekly journal clubs and seminars for post graduates

Under Graduate Curriculum:
  • Pathology, as general, systemic and clinical pathology, along with lab medicine is taught at II MBBS as III, IV and V semesters.
  • This curriculum includes 2hrs of theory and 2 hrs of practicals weekly.
  • Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in seminars periodically in various topics
  • Exhibits on various pathologies are prepared by the students and judged
  • Quiz programmes for the students are organized

Post Graduate Curriculum:
  • The post graduate programme in pathology was established in 2009. Since its inception, it has made significant contributions to the field of Pathology.
  • This division has pioneered research in clinical pathology with interpretation of various serological and biochemical investigations, cytology and histopathology including special staining. Study of autopsy, morbid anatomy, museum technique and special training in immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry is also a part of the curriculum. This also includes training in blood banking and transfusion medicine.
  • Academic contributions by the faculty, residents and alumni are well known in pathology.
  • The overall goal of postgraduate pathology training is to create confident pathologists.
  • This 36-month program in pathology is designed to satisfy the training requirements of Medical Council of India.
  • The curriculum is designed in such way that half the time is utilized for post graduate laboratory training and the rest is devoted to academic activities like teaching and participating in journal clubs, seminars etc.
  • The master’s degree requirements include a research project and thesis.