Department of Emergency Medicine

About the Department / Program

Only a patient on an emergency ward knows how critical it is to be provided with the treatment right away to save them from disasters. That’s exactly where our emergency medicine staff intervenes to better the conditions. The department is highly focused and trained to work under any amount of pressure to deliver the correct protocol. They are always updating their skills and knowledge to improvise the patient care. They undo the worst case scenarios into life changing experiences.

Our on duty staff are always on their toes every time a critical case shows up. We have an extensive unit exclusively and deliberately alloted to emergency medicine. We work 24/7 and are readily available to provide care whenever needed. Your well-being is our primary goal.

Emergency Medicine is one of the fastest growing clinical branches. The desired results for the same can be taught here with ample amounts of resources readily dispatched at your fingertips. All you need to do is have a focused mind to be active and instinctive to be able to work under emergency pressure.

We treat patients admitted with severe choking or burns or accidents with critical care. We run the best treatment suitable for survival. We provide training for both Basic Life Support and Acquired Cardiac Life Support to our students, to do the first aid before help arrives. This way you’d be aligned with the delivery of safe treatment.

We give students access to practical assignments on mannequins that let them practice different skills and strengthen their theoretical knowledge and apply them in clinical practice