Critical Care
SBMCH has largest intensive care facility. With 60 intensive care beds and the latest in monitoring and ventilating equipment, the team of dedicated Intensivists provides life saving care to many critically ill patients. The neonatal intensive care unit takes pride in rescuing severely premature children with complex congenital problems. The Specialty Neuro And Cardiac ICUs provide advanced care to patients with cardiac illness and neurovascular conditions.

Cardiac Care
SBMCH has created centers of excellence that provide focused expertise of a quality that is unparalleled in the region. The Cardiac Care Center provides ambulatory care for patients with rheumatic and coronary artery disease, disturbances of cardiac rhythm and cardiomyopathy. Besides curing ailments of the heart, the center has outstanding programs that focus on preventing heart disease. Using a balloon and a cath lab, the interventional cardiologist provides a safe and easy approach to treating diseases of blood vessels and heart valves, which would otherwise require surgery. The cardio thoracic program has gained a special reputation for its expertise in treating children with heart ailments including children with complex congenital anomalies. The Cardiac Care Center is one of the few centers in the country to perform cardiac transplantation, provide life support and assist devices and artificial hearts.

Minimally Invasive And Day Care Surgery
Through a small incision and sophisticated laproscopic techniques, the surgeon at SBMCH can operate on almost any organ without much disturbance to surrounding tissues. Because of small incisions high technology and great attention to sterile techniques, long hospitalizations and convalescences have become a thing of the past. Many patients can come in the morning; have their surgery and go back home the same evening to sleep in their own beds.

Neuro-Care Center
The neuro-care center focuses on care of patients with problems with circulation of the brain, epilepsy, disorders of sleep and movement. The neurosurgical team is one of the few in the country with expertise in treating aneurysms and malformations of the blood vessels of the brain. Care of patients with brain tumors and complex epilepsy are other important areas of focus.

Our Unique Diabetic Services
1. Paediatric Diabetic Centre
2. Cardio Diabetic DM Centre

Paediatric Diabetology
This Department is started recently and this is the First of kind in Asia. Exclusively for Paediatric group. Chennai is having Maximum Number of T1DM and all belongs to Rural & poor Socioeconomic people. Our Diabetic Team is entirely dedicated to take care of all young kinds by providing Free consultancy services, Glucometes with strips and Insulin and laking care of the children as TOTO. All the School Teachers has given councilling regarding to take care of the T1 DM kids. A separate ICU to take utmost care for neonatal hyperglycemia babies. This ICU monitored by qualified Paediatrician under the supervision of Diabetologist.

Cardio Diabetes Division
Our next concentration to reduce the morbidity and Mortality of T2 DM with Cardiac complication Cardiology &Diabetology Team worked together to take care of T2DM population. They will use all latest Investigation Tool to detect the asymptama to population of T2DM and give them proper care as well to prevent the “sudden Death”. Our Motto is “Prevention of “Sudden Death”.M

Department of Human Genetics
Our Hospital is having Full Fledged Genetic Laboratory. This Lab is taken care by Bio Medical People. We are involving currently, Genetic Screening in patients with Diabetes Mellitus Cancer and Neuro Science. This Laboratory Gives Training to the Medical Staff and Students in Genetics. Soon we will have a separate Stem Cell Research Centre also.