Minutes of Meeting

Main Objective is to Give the Opportunity to the Students to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out academic activites service Projects.
To Strengthen , understanding and to improve the flow of communication between staff and students thereby promoting the standard of education and training .

Team Members

1.DR. WMS. JohnsonDean, Chairperson
2.Dr. M.R. Renuka DeviVice Principal, SBMCH
3.Dr. B. ShantiHOD of Biochemistry & Member Secretary
4.Mr. Bharath Ram.R2017-2018 Batch, President
5.Mr. Dayala Ganesh. T 2017-2018 Batch, Vice President
6.Mr. Manoj Prabhu V S2017-2018 Batch, Treasurer
7.Mr. Harimadhav H2018-2019 Batch, Joint Treasurer
8.Mr. Karanakumar J2018-2019 Batch, General Secretary
9.Mr.Fedrin Beny B J2018-2019 Batch, Joint 10.Secretary
10.Mr. Kumaran S.T2019-2020 , Member
11.Ms. Yashi Awasthi2019-2020 Batch, Member
12.Ms.Pauline Deborah2020-2021 Batch, Member
13.Mr. Buvaneswar2020-2021 Batch, Member