CME on Vaccinology

Department of Paediatrics conducted a CME on Vaccinology on theme of “A Little Pain for A Lot of Gain- Vaccinate Your Child” on 16.12.2022. For some children, vaccines are associated with the sting of the syringe. But most, like Celin, 10, also know what little pain they may experience is far outweighed by the protection […]

Paedendocon 2022 Relish The Adrenaline Rush

Department of Paediatrics conducted a National conference PAEDENDOCON 2022on 29th November, 2022. National speakers: Dr. I. Riyaz, Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Govt.     Medical     college,     Thiruvananthapuram.  Topic: Ambulatory management of type I Diabetes. Dr. Sruthi Chandrasekhar, Consultant, Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre,  Chrompet.  Topic:  Approach  to  a  child  with  short stature. Dr. Lakshmi. S, Professor […]

National New Born Week Celebration 2022

Department of Paediatrics & Medical Education Unit celebrated National Newborn Week 09 November 2022. Theme: Home Care of New-born In Urban Area. importance of newborn health as a key priority area and reiterates its commitment steered at the highest level.

Guest Lecture on Management Of Urticaria In Children

Department of Pediatrics organized a Guest Lecture on Management of Urticaria In Children on 14.10.2022. Childhood urticaria management is currently suggested to be the same as in adults. The best treatment is for your child to stay away from known triggers. If the hives were caused by a medicine, your child should strictly stay away […]