Minutes of Meeting

To be responsible for all educational processes of the Institution and to Ensure continuous quality improvement in Medical education plan, implement and evaluate curricular development and faculty development in alignment with the NMC

Team Members

1.Dr. W. M.S. Johnson, MD, PhD
2.Dr. G. Durga Devi, MD
Associate Professor of Anatomy
3.1. Dr. Arul Amutha Elizabeth, MD
Professor & HOD of Pharmacology
2. Dr. P. Sasikumar, MS
Professor of Gen. Surgery
3. Dr. Chitralekha Saikumar, MD
Prof. & HOD of Microbiology
4. Dr. V. Padma, MD
Professor of General Medicine
5. Dr. R. Praveena, MD
Professor of Microbiology
6. Dr. Krishnaveni Sharath, MD
Associate Professor of Anatomy
7. Dr. Saisudha Muddha, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Faculty development committee
4.Dr. J. Thanka, MD
Vice Principal & Professor of Pathology
Member Secretary
5.1. Dr. K. S. Ravishankar, MS
Prof. & HOD of General Surgery
2. Dr. Shanthi Ramesh, MD
Assoc. Professor of Paediatrics
3. Dr. M. R. Renuka Devi, MD
Professor & HOD of Physiology
4. Dr. P. R. Devaki, MD
Professor of Physiology
5. Dr. P. Subhashini, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology
6. Dr. Thatiparthi Stephen
Assoc. Prof. of Community Medicine

7. Dr. Farhana Rahman, MD
Professor of Pharmacology
Curriculum Development Committee
6.Dr. B. V. Sreedevi, MS
Professor of General Surgery
Member Secretary