Department of General Surgery

About the Department / Program

We have 240 bedded ward spread across 2 floors and 8 cubicles. In order to ensure utmost privacy to our patients during their stay in the hosptal, we have separate wards for males and female patients. Each cubicle of the wars is well lit with ample amount of cross ventilation.

Here in the department of GENERAL SURGERY , we believe in providing highest of care 24x 7 to patients admitted in the ward. So to ensure this we have nursing station in every cubicle which emcompses highly trained nurses looking after each nad every patient in a impeccable manner. The beds in the wards are equidistant from each other, hence making it easy for the medical and nursing teams to carry out their bedside procedures with ease and to keep the infection spread to the bare minimum .

We have a fully loaded crash cart at every cubicle to attend to any unforeseen emergency occuring in the ward. There are centralised oxygen supplies equipped with state of the art beds to cater patients in need of oxygen. T here is one restroom for 2 cubicles, which are immaculate with uninterrupted water supply.

There are 6 demo rooms and 1 briefing room in the department of General medicine. The demo rooms are equipped writing boards to facilitate the teaching process for the students attending bed side clinics . These rooms are well lit and are engineered to have adequate cross ventilation. Each of the demo rooms can comfortably house 30 people and they are provided with sufficient comfortable chairs with attached table. The briefing room is meant for post graduate discussions , academics and official meetings held in the department. It has state of the art audio visual facilities with air conditioning making it a comfortable environment for post graduate learning. Department library is one the best place in the department it contains wide range of books which includes all international ,national and local which spread over 2000 sqft which is crucial part of department it accodomates more than 30 people at which has air conditioning facility with pleasant atmosphere. Many of the journals ,case reports ,books regarding updates are available in the library which will help in keeping the department updated. it has digital facility with internet access. it is very helpful to all the post graduates and members of the department as they can take the books with them in the time of need by signing in the register .

We have a well lit and spacious examination room in our department of general surgery. The absolutely necessary equipment is a well-designed examination table that provides nurses and physicians with what they need for diagnostic procedures and to provide post operative wound care. we have a well-equipped examination table which is adjustable or powered in order to accommodate all patients (including disabled individuals), and is as compact as possible to maximize space in the exam room itself.

we have storage cabinets sufficiently spacious to ensure that all types of examination devices can be placed in the room and be ready to use when needed. Appropriate clinical lighting to facilitate medical examination is also present in our examination room.having in-room access to running water is vital in some circumstances, and is also important for hygienic purposes which can also be found in our examination room. We have 4 consultation rooms for the department of general surgery, all situated in the ground floor. Patients who need special support like wheelchairs / stretchers are provided at the lobby for assistance. you will be received by the secretary in each private clinic.

The department conducts yearly breast cancer awarness program in the month october. In addition to General surgery superspeciality department like urology, cardiology, surgical gastroenterology, neuro surgery, plastic surgery departments alo cater the patients in their own varying capacities. Separate opd are being maintained by them and this helps us to cater to a large number of people. Average number of cases handled per day : 150 + OP cases , approx 15 -17ward cases and 1-2 intensive care cases