Department of Microbiology & MEU has conducted a national conference and workshop. NAT-ASCON 22 to commemorate World antimicrobial awareness week 2022 on 23-11-2022 and 24-11-22. Hands on training was given to the participants on Advanced techniques in antimicrobial susceptibility during the workshop held on 23-11-22. National conference NAT-ASCON 22 was held on 24-11-22. Speaker: Dr.Sameena Khan talked about antimicrobial stewardship and its importance. Speaker: Dr. W.V. Vandana gave a lecture on Blood stream infections. Speaker: Dr. R. Ramya, discussed about the antimicrobial resistance in the pediatric age group. Speaker: Dr. Imran Thariq Ajmal, gave a speech on Role of antibiotics in post-operative care. The audience were benefitted by the Workshop as well as the interactive and informative sessions of the National conference.