Medical Education Unit conducted a Revised Basic Course Workshop one 28, 29, 30 November 20122. DAY – 1: The First session was on group dynamics, by Dr.G.Durga Devi. An ice breaking session was conducted to introduce the participants. A session on System approach and Adult Learning Principles was delivered by Dr.P.R Devaki. The IMG Goals, roles and competencies  was  dealt  with  Dr.P.Sasi   Kumar and Dr. P.Subhashini elaborated on Learning domains and Progression of learning.  Dr. M. R. Renuka Devi took the session on writing and developing objectives. Afternoon workshop on framing objectives. Followed by Dr. I. Glory Josephine took a session on introduction to Assessment.  DAY – 2: Rapporteur’s session was followed by workshop on choosing teaching method for objectives and competencies. This was followed by interactive session on various large group teaching methods and small group teaching methods by Dr.J.Thanka and Dr. Anbumozhi. Dr.P.Subhashini took a   session   on   Lesson   plan.   This   was followed by a workshop on how to write a Lesson plan. The day ended with the final session on assessment planning quality assurance, writing correct essay questions, short answer and MCQ by Dr. Arul Amutha Elizabeth. In addition to this how to develop a lesson plan for Internal assessment and formative assessment was dealt by Dr.S.Sasikumar.         DAY – 3: Rapporteur’s session was followed by the session on ATCOM module by Dr. Anbumozhi and moderated a debate on ATCOM module by the groups. This was followed by a workshop on matching assessment to competency, objective and learning. A session on Effective clinical and practical skill was taken by Dr.P.Sasikumar. This was followed by demonstration of OSCE & OSPE practically in two stations.and worksop for the same was conducted. Post Lunch a session on Improving SDL through technology was dealt by Dr.P.R.Devaki. Following this there was a Role play about giving good & bad feedback, and the session on feedback was dealt by Dr.G.Durga Devi. The Final session was on Educational networking for growth taken by Dr. Stephen. The Programme ended with certificate distribution by Vice Principal, Dr.M.R.Renuka Devi and Observer from SRMC Dr.Pankaj B.Shah.